Jul 31

RIGHTS OUT: generating additional revenue from content and rights

Wednesday July 31st, 2019

In a constant drive for innovation and improvement MEDIAGENIX open up an extra scope in content life cycle management: content distribution and licensing, with the RIGHTS OUT web app.

Global competition and the FAANGs are pushing broadcasters to produce more exclusive content than ever. This comes at a cost that has to be balanced with new revenues. Licensing distribution rights for other countries, markets or platforms to third parties is one of the most rewarding revenue generators.

But how can you detect which titles are available for selling? And with so many rights holders involved how can you be sure you have cleared all rights? Above all, you want to avoid legal issues and penalties. More often than not the information is scattered over multiple sources and time and time again you find yourself copying data from the scheduling system, Excel sheets or paper documents. Keeping a clear view on costs, following up on tasks, dealing with complex revenue distribution calculations … it’s all so time consuming and error-prone. Losing track of communications around proposals, deals and sales you are left with the feeling you could make more and better deals if only the information was consolidated in a central place.

Cloud-native web app

The solution MEDIAGENIX have developed to resolve these issues is RIGHTS OUT. This cloud-native web app supports the whole process of (sub)licensing content to third parties for specific countries, markets or platforms. It enables broadcasters to efficiently identify sales opportunities, plan sales, clear rights, draw up deals, orchestrate and follow up on tasks, calculate and manage revenue distribution and —in a later stage—draw up contracts and deliver the materials.

As is, the app is used in connection with Broadcast Management Platform WHATS’ON by broadcasters who want to license own (co)productions. In time the scope can be extended to sublicensing unused broadcast rights, selling  archive material on-demand rights and so on, also providing answers to the specific needs of production houses and distributors, if desired as a stand-alone app. 

Saving time, errors and issues

With RIGHTS OUT broadcasters manage a catalogue with a clear overview of avails. This catalogue gets its real time data from the WHATS’ON content repository. Users can select content in the catalogue with a clear view on the distribution rights, propose it to the market or at request of a potential customer, defining the licensing rights, conditions and pricing. They are warned about conflicts with their own exploitation rights and with rights that have already been sold.

Cutting through complexity and eliminating time consuming and error-prone chores, broadcasters will find more time to close more deals and optimize this key revenue stream.

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François-Xavier Schlesser

Business Development Manager

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