Acquisition, Screening & Buying Order Management

WHATS’ON Acquisition, Screening & Buying Order Management supports the acquisition process for license rights. With its wide range of information it also offers support to come to a negotiated agreement with the distributor. Invoices can be checked and approved.

WHATS’ON manages the process from screening and negotiation through to acquisition, describing the status and corresponding restrictions on visibility. Screened programmes can for example be entered into the system hidden from general use until the process has reached a stage where restrictions can be relaxed and specific information about the content can be made visible to other departments.

The focus on structured information in WHATS’ON right from the start, ensures that all parties enter data in a consistent way, that the data is searchable and can be used in reports, but also that the system can act on that data, such as warn on specific deadlines, track the use of rights, and in general increase the accuracy of the data while minimizing the overall effort that is required for data entry.

As WHATS’ON is designed to work in an international setting, the system can e.g. describe multi-territory rights, language needs, and multicurrency payment schedules.


The buyer section enables different departments to register programme order information, such as programme titles, requested license windows and requested number of runs for the programmes the broadcaster wishes to acquire. It is also possible to keep track of all screening materials and related evaluations.

A buying order is a preparation for the negotiation. If a buying order gets the go-ahead, this information can be added to new contracts that are going to the negotiation and ultimately acquisition stage. The buying order can be used to create an inventory of all desired content.

As early as in the buying order stage, it is possible to add traffic information. This describes the required material such as video, script, press kit, sound tracks etc. together with the expected deadlines.


The negotiator section offers support to the negotiators who will manage the orders and take up the negotiation process to come to an agreement with the distributor. The end result of this process will be a creation of a deal memo and the ultimate purchase. With this module, a wide range of information about the deal, agreement and contract can be registered. The module also provides support for the commissioning process.


Define and monitor the commitments with distributors and. The commitments can be expressed as a minimum or maximum number of runs or titles, or a total duration. The system indicates whether the expected values have been reached, exceeded or failed. A comprehensive overview reveals current or predictable discrepancies. If desired, you can drill down to the contract details.


The invoice-controlling section concentrates on control and approval of invoices related to the contracts of the acquired programmes. Information on invoices and additional contract information is registered through this module.


  • manage order information entered by various departments
  • keep track of all screening materials and related evaluations
  • register and track a wide range of information about the deal, agreement and contract
  • control and approve related invoices

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