A Service Window is a period of time designated in advance by MEDIAGENIX, during which preventive maintenance that could cause disruption of service may be performed.


Basic Patch Management is included with all MEDIAGENIX-Managed Systems and is performed during recurring Patch Windows using default patching procedures. It includes the proactive follow-up and automated installation (MEDIAGENIX’s patching client on the Server may be required) of released critical and security updates by MEDIAGENIX. By default, MEDIAGENIX’s Patch Windows occur weekly during night hours:


Product Region Weekday Start time Maximum duration
Hive World Wednesday 23:00 CET (CEST) 2 hours
woncloud Europe Wednesday 23:00 CET (CEST) 2 hours
woncloud Americas Thursday 01:00 EST (EDT) 2 hours
woncloud Asia Wednesday 23:00 SGT 2 hours
woncloud Australia Wednesday 23:00 AEST (AEDT) 2 hours