Catch up

Seamless linear to VOD scheduling

BeBanjo’s Catch-Up module lets you automate content scheduling to VOD platforms, based on linear transmission dates. Unparalleled functionality handles the most complex catch-up scenarios without breaking a sweat.

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Automate catch-up services with rules

Rules will automatically create VOD schedule entries relative to linear transmissions.

Validate rights

Immediately see if there are any rights conflicts that need to be resolved.

Powerful integrations

The Catch-Up module comes integrated with all major linear presentation systems.

Full set of features

Catch-up rules

  • Define VOD catch-up rules for each piece of content and rules will automatically create VOD schedule entries relative to linear transmissions. E.g.: "Schedule each episode of this series 3 days after the 1st TX in March in prime time in my linear channel".
  • Target multiple platforms with VOD rules.
  • Flexible exhibition window definition: specify the exhibition window both with fixed dates or with dates relative to linear transmission.
  • Scope transmissions to a specific one or use them all. E.g.: "the 3rd TX in all channels" or "all TXs in this specific channel".
  • Scope specific transmission to a given time range: e.g.: "all transmission in the ABC channel from 1/1/2020 to 31/12/2020".
  • Limit or exclude episodes from VOD rules.
  • Use a rolling pattern in a VOD rule to ensure that only the most recent episodes are available in VOD.
  • Automatically schedule one or more seasons of a show as soon as a new one goes on air on a linear channel.
  • Override start/end dates of catch-up entries.
  • Revert overridden dates in catch-up entries to get back to sync with the VOD rule again.

Catch-up rights

  • Configure rights applying before or after a linear transmission happens. E.g.: online exclusive one day before linear transmission.
  • Define catch-up rights for specific linear channels.
  • Support costed runs and reruns in VOD rules, catch-up rights, and catch-up deals. This will give you more options and flexibility to exploit your linear content on-demand.
  • Subsequent season catch-up trigger. E.g.: "I'm airing the current season of a show and I want my customers to binge the prior season too."
  • Catch-up rights for specific transmission repeats. E.g.: "use the 3rd linear TX within this date range as reference".
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