Out-of-the-box, BeBanjo will transform how your teams work. And even greater magic happens when BeBanjo is integrated with your other systems.

Integrations don't require a big bang approach. You can start with a standalone BeBanjo implementation, then integrate it gradually with your other systems - to return higher and higher efficiencies over time.

Anyone can carry out this integration work. We have a dedicated professional services team who can do this for you. Or you may prefer to use your own development teams or integration partners. We will support you either way. Integrations are built on top of our robust and publicly-documented APIs (RESTful and event-based). With 2 billion API requests a year to our SaaS platform, you could argue our APIs are our most successful product!

Here are some examples of existing integrations with BeBanjo products, built either by us or by our customers. You may recognise vendors you already work with…

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