Streamline your metadata distribution

BeBanjo’s Publisher module automatically validates, transforms and delivers your schedule and metadata to the target platforms in the right formats. Never mess with XML ever again.

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Metadata validation

The Publisher module makes sure all metadata is complete and alerts you in case of errors or missing keys.

Automatic conversion

Transform your schedule and metadata to dozens of up-to-date specifications automatically: CableLabs, EMA Avails, YouTube, DirecTV, etc.

Never worry about XML again

Publish your content to any protocol automatically and never temper with payloads again.

Full set of features

End to end metadata management

  • Flexible metadata schema: configure custom metadata fields for brands/shows, series/seasons, collections, titles, schedule entries, assets/versions, renditions, subtitles and audio tracks.
  • Support for external ID schemes such as EIDR. BeBanjo is an EIDR Contributor.
  • Organise metadata fields in groups: e.g.:, group fields by language or by business unit.
  • Different metadata types: short text, long text, duration, datetime, enumeration, attachment, boolean and multiple.
  • Support for metadata in multiple languages including non-latin characters and right-to-left writing.
  • Import/export metadata using an Excel file.
  • Publish your VOD schedules metadata to external systems: publisher supports dozens of output formats, both industry standards (e.g., CableLabs, TV Anytime, EMA Avails) or bespoke.
  • Create custom metadata validation rules. E.g.: "The genre must be present and the synopsis cannot be longer than 255 characters".
  • Configure metadata validation against platform specifications.
  • Streamline your metadata input work by defining default metadata values.

Powerful filtering

  • Filter VOD schedules by metadata status. E.g.: "Show me all the entries in the iTunes schedule that have valid metadata".
  • Filter VOD schedules by metadata validation errors. E.g.: "Show me all the entries in the iTunes schedule that are invalid because the genre is missing".
  • Filter VOD schedules by any metadata value. E.g.: "Show me all the entries in the Netflix schedule where the series' genre is thriller".
  • Filter VOD schedules by the publication status. Never published, in progress, not in sync, failed, failed but previously published or published.
  • Detailed publication history including the timestamp, payload, log and outcome (success/failure) of each publication/notification.
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