Rethink content rights management.
Reinvent the future.

What are today’s strategic challenges in content rights management?

  • What kind of granular rights management is needed to be able to reuse, rehash and rebundle content for different platforms and purposes?
  • How to make sure all rights information is entered early into the content supply chain?
  • How to strategically map out the content journey over platforms for maximum ROI?
  • How to have one source of truth for all departments to work in sync?
  • How to safely and easily sell content rights?
  • How to keep financial overview and control?

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With actionable insights for
  • C-level executives of forward-looking media companies: streamers (OTTs, DTCs, VOD), broadcasters (Linear & BVOD), telcos, content providers, content aggregators)
  • Content acquisition executives
  • Content planners and schedulers
  • Content sales executives
  • Finance executives