Keep track of all your on-demand operations

BeBanjo’s Schedule module lets you manage your non-linear scheduling workflow end-to-end, from one visual interface. We believe that, with the most advanced functionality in the world, there is no on-demand scheduling scenario it can't handle with ease.

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Track your on-demand operations at a glance

See what is scheduled where, what went live, and track metadata and rights statuses.

Exploit your content to the fullest

Find content that has never been scheduled before by just a glance at the visual interface.

Powerful search for VOD schedules

Filter your content by dates, content, platforms, licensors, requirements, or any metadata field.

Full set of features

Multi-platform VOD scheduling

  • Easily copy schedules from one platform to another.
  • Schedule archived content by setting a fixed window. E.g.: "Schedule all the episodes of this series on iTunes and Netflix from 1/1/2020 to 31/12/2020".
  • Change scheduling dates of archived content individually or in bulk.
  • Define the asset/version to use for each entry in the schedule, individually or in bulk.
  • Scheduling patterns with relative ending dates.
  • Work in bulk with metadata for scheduled entries.
  • Use the same asset/version from the linear transmission or use the most recent asset/version of a given type.
  • Manage VOD schedules using Excel import/export.

Powerful search

  • Powerful search for VOD schedules: filter by dates, content, platforms, licensors, requirements, metadata, etc.
  • Filtering can be done positively or negatively, e.g.: "Show me all catch-up entries from the series Lost that are not scheduled on Xbox".
  • Keep the filters you use the most at hand so that finding content to work with is just one click away.
  • Access to a full historical record of deleted entries.

Visual editor

  • Drag and drop editor for VOD schedules: drag and drop entries to change dates, quickly access rights windows and statuses, etc.
  • Print platform-specific schedules from the visual editor.
  • Visually change dates for multiple VOD schedule entries and make them stagger, e.g.: "Schedule 2 new episodes each Monday and Thursday. The first 2 episodes will start on 1/1/2017 and all of them will finish on 31/12/2017".

Fully exploited content

  • Find content with rights to add to the VOD schedule.
  • Find content that has never been scheduled in a platform.
  • Use archived rights to schedule archive content in a click.

Playlists as VOD schedule entries

  • Easily schedule pre and post roll videos with the playlist feature: A playlist is a succession of assets or segments that are meant to be played as a unit.
  • Add any asset or segment to a playlist.
  • Manage playlists in bulk: create playlists for multiple schedule entries and add content to all of them at once.
  • Filter VOD schedules by the content of the playlists. E.g.: "Show me all the entries in the iTunes schedule with a playlist containing this Coca-Cola ad".
  • Set up playlist templates defining a number of common entries shared by multiple playlists. Templates can then be assigned to VOD schedules.
  • Find and replace the same content in multiple playlists.
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