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BeBanjo’s Rights module lets you manage licencing deals and rights restrictions for multiple platforms, territories, business models and devices. Always remain on top of complex licensing agreements.

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Automate rights validation

Record rights and validate content for a rich set of restrictions. BeBanjo alerts you to rights errors to enable iterative collaboration between rights, editorial and operations teams.

Record rights under umbrella licencing deals

Group rights under umbrella deals and add content to deals using Excel avails files.

Scheduling suggestions based on rights availabilities

Get scheduling suggestions based on your recorded rights and distribute more titles to more platforms, faster.

Full set of features

Umbrella licencing deals

  • Add content to licencing deals using Excel Avails files.
  • Search licencing deals: filter by platforms, licensors, business models, devices, territories and more.
  • Configure custom metadata at deal level: e.g.: licensor's contact details.

Flexible rights dimensions

  • Typical dimensions include: business models (AVOD/TVOD/SVOD/EST), territories, devices, etc. Record multiple sets of rights for the same content E.g.: "SVOD rights for US in 2019" and "TVOD rights for UK in 2020"
  • Record rights at title or series level.
  • Limit rights to certain episodes of a series: E.g.: for the pilot episode of a series.
  • Define blackouts (negative rights): date windows when the content cannot be scheduled on specific platforms, territories, business models, etc.
  • Define target platforms flexibly: either by selecting individual platforms or indirectly, through configurable rights dimensions: "applies to all SVOD platforms in the UK".
  • Define licence windows with fixed start/end dates and/or relative to linear transmission times.
  • Define catch-up rights (rights applying before or after a linear transmission happens). E.g.: online exclusive one day before linear transmission.
  • Configure catch-up rights for specific linear channels.
  • Support for costed runs and reruns in VOD rules, catch-up rights, and catch-up deals.
  • Catch-up rights for specific transmission repeats. E.g.: "use the 3rd linear TX within this date range as reference".
  • Record comments alongside rights.
  • Define specific clearances for individual episodes. E.g.: seek clearance of music rights separately.
  • Define exploitation limits: maximum and minimum number of days the content can be exploited within the overall rights window.
  • Define parity restriction: whether the content should be scheduled with the same dates on all the platforms the rights apply to.
  • Define utility limits: maximum number of episodes of a series that can be online at the same time.
  • Define repeats restrictions: Whether episodes can be repeated before the whole series has been scheduled.
  • Define rerun limits: maximum number of allowed reruns per title on the same platform.
  • Define rights exploitation limits per schedule window.
  • Schedule content without rights, before rights have been secured.
  • Clearly identify entries in VOD schedules not complying with recorded rights.

Powerful search and filtering

  • Filter VOD schedules by rights status: cleared, in conflict, clearance pending, no rights. E.g.: "Show me all Warner Bros titles with rights in conflict, scheduled for Spain in 2018".
  • Rights availability reports: e.g.: "what content do I have rights for, to schedule on SVOD services in the UK in January 2018?"
  • Rights exploitation reports: e.g.: "how much of the available rights of specific content have I exploited?"
  • Manage segments/cue points in assets/versions. Segments are defined specifying start–end timecodes in the 00:00:00.000 format.
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