Bring control and efficiency to your VOD operations

BeBanjo lets you manage the editorial and operational sides of your VOD video distribution, from one beautifully intuitive interface.


What BeBanjo can do for your business

A modular approach bringing control and efficiency to your VOD operations.

Keep all your content under one roof

All your titles and metadata, perfectly organized with an intuitive web application.

Streamline scheduling—at scale

Distributing a large catalogue to your own OTT service and to third-party affiliates? Across multiple territories and business models? No problem! BeBanjo is the reference non-linear scheduling system.

Simplify linear to on-demand scheduling

Automatically schedule content for on-demand platforms, based on linear transmission dates. BeBanjo does it better than anyone else.

Exploit your content to the fullest

Record and manage rights and rights restrictions for multiple platforms, territories, business models and devices. Remain on top of complex licensing agreements.

Let your editorial and media ops team collaborate

Your schedulers and media ops teams deserve better than Excel and email to work together.

Get reports and insights

Generate custom reports, using your favourite business intelligence tools plugged into our data warehouse. Gain insight into your operation, to optimize it.

Streamline your VOD distribution

BeBanjo’s Publisher module automatically transforms and delivers your schedules and metadata to the target platforms in the right formats.

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What BeBanjo can do for your team

Work efficiently through BeBanjo’s collaborative workspace.

Planning and scheduling

Manage long-range content plans for non-linear channels. Meet your editorial, commercial and regulatory goals. Schedule content - at scale - with an intuitive visual UI, and never deal with Excel files again.

Commercial and strategy teams

Experiment with different business models and new services, with ease. Better monetize your content, e.g., using BeBanjo integrated with your ad server.

Media Ops and platform management team

Automate business-as-usual, and only manage exceptions to the publication process.

Content management team

Maintain one central content repository for all your metadata - technical, editorial, in multiple languages - and images. Powerful tools let you edit and validate your content at scale.

Rights team

Always exploit your content to the fullest based on your available rights. Collaborate in real-time with the planners and schedulers in your organization.

Marketing and PR team

Prepare promotional campaigns using content plans, metadata and images held in BeBanjo.

CTO and technology team

Let BeBanjo take care of the SaaS platform. Use the BeBanjo APIs to provide new automation and efficiencies to your business users. Your data is always yours; you remain in control at all times.

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