• One source of truth on titles across the entire media enterprise
  • Collaborative workflows that transcend your company limits
  • Modular suite of content-centric tools that streamline workflows for a loosely coupled workforce

Your SaaS tools to actively manage
your content and its metadata

Enterprise Title Management

One source of truth on all titles

Content Metadata Portal

Collaborative metadata enrichment

Content Gallery

Easy access anywhere to content overviews

Production Portal

Smooth metadata & material flow from content supplier to distributor

Content Metadata Portal

For collaborative metadata enrichment — with automated ingestion from internet platforms

  • Interdepartmental and remote collaboration
    • All your content metadata, images, cast members and companies
    • Role and metadata-based permissions for security and confidentiality
    • Track edits for transparency and accountability
  • Easily searchable and discoverable
    • Multi-field search
    • Dynamic criteria
    • Column layouts
    • Favorite w date formula
  • Cross-platform content discoverability
    • Manage platform and language-specific metadata and image requirements
    • Enrichment from external sources like Gracenote, TMDB, OPTA, Sportradar…

Production Portal

Content suppliers directly feed the content supply chain of content distributors with metadata, images and material

  • Standardized and formalized workflows for evolving business needs
    • Initiate requests efficiently with templates
    • Ensure reliable contribution by hiding the complexity of downstream processes
    • Stay notified of recent submissions and overall progress
    • Optional review workflow to accept or request updates at field level
    • Reduced ambiguity through clear requirements and placeholders
    • Performance tools to optimize user actions (e.g. 'copy values', 'review last changes')
    • Partial and multi-submissions as media production evolves
  • Unified tracking and follow-up
    • Of all deliverables and deadlines at individual content level
    • Of all communication be it instructions or review comments

And much more...

Our content-management capabilities also include:

  • Press Publications & EPG: Ever up-to-date programme guide with multimedia content, in multiple languages and ready for any format or device for the printed press, online programme guides and EPG services
  • Content Segments & Extracts Management: With metadata and descriptions of copyrights per scene merged on the product level
  • Image Management: Creates image requirements and validations based on metadata and your business rules
  • Production Running Order: Supports script and crew describing the contents of a programme as an ordered hierarchical list of features, scenes or sequences

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