• Ratings Artist: Accurate ratings predictions for all content types per demographic
  • Seamless collaboration between business and creative teams
  • Content & audience intelligence to drive strategy, ideation, budgeting, and forecasting
  • Actively maximize content ROI through a data-driven content lifecycle

Your SaaS tools to proactively optimize content ROI while creating the content supply & demand plan:

Strategic Planning

High-level content-centric scenarios

Ratings Artist

Accurate AI/ML ratings predictions

Content Budgeting

Cross-platform budgets, budget scenarios & forecasts

BI Studio

Self-service analytics on real-time intelligence

Schedule Gallery

Easy bespoke views of real-time scheduling

Strategic Planning

Craft high-level content-centric scenarios

  • Simplifying the long-term planning process
    • Calendar view of an entire year
    • Configurable destinations (e.g. target groups, age & demographic)
    • Configurable grouped views
    • Link content and validate against availability
    • Capture special events and competitor content for optimized strategic planning
    • Capture scheduling attributes to ease operational scheduling
  • Seamless handover to long-term scheduling
    • Strategic Planning BAPI for e.g. seamless integration with long-term scheduling
    • Auto-create schedule transmissions with release-window browser
  • Powerful intuitive tool 
    • For strategic planners, channel managers, on demand service managers, and company-level content release strategists
    • Cloud-native application with low threshold

Content Budgeting

Your central platform for content budgeting and budget scenarios & forecasts

  • Content Master List
    • Define content ‘to be’ planned based on yearly budgets
    • Track platform and channel needs
    • Outlining the contractual details, capture availability – basic rights – publication dates
  • Content budgeting & forecasting
    • Define budgeted costs – cost per episode
    • Amortization schedules (forecast) and forecast rules 
    • Integrate actual amortization data and compare against forecast values
  • Base strategic planning on defined budgets
    • Integrated with Strategic Planning 
    • Content within budgeted portfolios eases strategic planning & automation

Ratings Artist

Accurate ratings predictions for all content types, per demographic

Learn all about this award-winning AI tool
  • Leveraging AI/ML
    • Up to 90 days in advance for 15+ target groups
    • 1000+ parameters (incl. historical data, competitor schedules, content metadata, and external factors such as climate)
  • Superior accuracy
    • Based on measurements in a production environment. Resulting in 70% FTE enablement.
  • Touchless and fast
    • Predictions automatically generated each day without human interaction
    • Instantly adapts to schedule and contextual changes
    • New prediction job with new results within minutes
  • Human-in-the-loop
    • Flags uncertain predictions to enable management-by-exception 
    • Experts can override predictions 

BI Studio

Close the loop from operational KPIs to the strategic plan with real-time intelligence

  • Self-service analytics
    • Create your own interactive dashboards, reports and data visualizations
    • Share with colleagues
    • Control access
  • Turning raw data into actionable intelligence
    • All your data from the business data sets instantly ready to start creating reports & dashboards
  • Access via web and mobile
    • Accessible in browser
    • Embedded in web applications
    • Accessible on mobile app

And much more...

Our strategy-supporting capabilities also include:

  • Business Data Sets: Access to stable, interpretable and trustworthy data sets to run heavy analytical queries with low latency and high performance
  • Content Gallery: Access content from anywhere with hierarchical or content-collection views
  • Schedule Gallery: Easy graphical interpretations of real-time scheduling data on an intuitive web page

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