White Papers

Beyond the Bottlenecks: Streamlining Strategic Planning

May 2024
In this white paper, management consultant and L6S Black Belt Gijsbert Voorneveld explains how the Strategic Planning Process of media organizations can be improved using Lean Six Sigma. [+]

How to make FAST faster, cheaper, and better

August 2023
How to thrive in the crowded FAST lane? Views from experts in the field, rules for success, and practical pointers. [+]

Lean Six Sigma for Media Organizations

July 2023
How media organizations can use Lean Six Sigma to improve their processes and become more data-driven, more connected, and more agile. [+]

Scaling up VOD Operations — Systems and Processes for High Efficiency

April 2023
Over a decade of experience in the industry has shown us that VOD businesses can massively scale up without overwhelming limited content ops teams. In this whitepaper, we will share our experience working with some of the world’s leading VOD businesses. [+]

The Transformation of TV - Industry Perspectives on the Road to 2030

September 2022
According to research published in The Transformation of TV, the new white paper of the Content Connect Initiative, media companies need to leverage data and connected supply chains more efficiently. 75% of media companies have yet to make widespread use of data in decision making or monetization. At 65% of the media companies, data is still siloed, or integrated for key data systems at most. The paper concludes that the digital transformation of the industry still has a considerable distance to run. [+]

Changing the B in BMS for the multiplatform era

June 2022
As the battle for eyeballs intensifies, we are witnessing a rapid evolution towards multichannel content distribution. The exponentially increasing operational costs of managing multiple platforms and business models threaten to spiral out of control... [+]

Rethink content rights management. Reinvent the future.

Mars 2021
What are today’s strategic challenges in content rights management? [+]

How to leverage new technologies for unprecedented times

June 2020
We live in exciting, but also challenging times. In all industries, businesses are transforming to become more digital and technology-driven. Dealing with changes and responding to opportunities have become key to be successful in this new reality. [+]

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