Underlying Rights

Media companies should be able to speedily reuse product extracts on multiple platforms, without the risk of dropping the ball when verifying all rights and restrictions involved. Metadata on extracts are needed to enhance the viewing experience and enable viewers to swiftly navigate within an on-demand programme to the topic they want to see. Additional metadata on extracts could be used for reports on ratings and costs.

That is why we have made it possible in WHATS’ON to add segmentations on the product, with restrictions and metadata inherited or directly added on the level of the constituent extracts. The extracts can, for instance, carry their own press descriptions, cast information, copyright sheets and images.

Product segmentations can serve different purposes: cost calculations in SAP, reporting, or VOD chaptering (e.g. when reusing extracts for Facebook posts). These different segmentation types can coexist on the product. The application of typical or similar segmentations is greatly facilitated by templates. It is also possible to segment on the basis of the building blocks of the Running Order.

The Product Navigator gives a survey of the constituent extracts, with a visual indication of their place and time span in the product, and the specific rights and restrictions that will be verified when scheduling them on linear or nonlinear platforms. Rights and restrictions are inherited, which ensures that whenever extracts are reused separately or as part of a new programme, all applicable rights and restrictions will be verified.

To see just when and where a product (extract) can be scheduled, WHATS’ON users can call up a handy survey with a colour code that indicates issue types that block publishing or need to be checked first. This colour code can also be applied on the transmission plan. More information about the issues is provided by the Contract Verification Assistant.

Note that this segmentation relates to the actual content and has nothing to do with the segmentation on the media assets.


  • Add segmentations on the product with restrictions, and metadata for different purposes
  • Use templates to add recurring segmentations
  • Keep the overview of extracts with the rights and restrictions that will be verified when scheduled

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