Rise to the challenges of the multiplatform era

Solve the operational, tactical and strategic challenges unique to the complexities of today's media industry. Turn them to your advantage. With WHATS'ON and BeBanjo as best-of-breed SaaS products and MEDIAGENIX as your lifetime partner, you contain costs and optimize content life cycles across platforms. In short: you maximize your Content ROI.

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WHATS’ON and BeBanjo:
the best of both worlds offered as SaaS

WHATS’ON: streamlined workflows across VOD and Linear

  • The world’s richest and leading functionality for linear programming, including FAST.
  • Unified, best-practice workflows for VOD and Linear eliminating waste and friction.
  • Strategy, planning and execution synced with real-time insights.

BeBanjo: the best-of-breed SaaS product for VOD planning & scheduling

  • Pure SaaS product with an outstanding reference list.
  • Easy and deep integrations (great APIs) and automation.
  • All VOD operations tracked at a glance from one beautifully intuitive interface.













Drive business performance with one source of truth, touchless operations, and actionable intelligence.

Listening to you until we fully understand your plans and priorities, we leverage our deep knowledge, vast experience, and knack for co-creation to help you drive business performance on four levels:

  • multiplatform operational efficiency
  • cross-functional collaboration
  • multiplatform audience engagement
  • content monetization

With an ever-expanding portfolio of agile, flexible and cloud-native SaaS solutions based on one source of truth, touchless operations, and actionable intelligence, we enable you to contain costs and maximize the Lifetime Value of your content with greater agility, scalability, and efficiency.

Unify, automate and orchestrate your content, rights, and planning & scheduling workflows across VOD and Linear.

You can reach more audiences through more platforms and business models with less effort and costs.

Unifying, automating and orchestrating your workflows, you can manage by exception and eliminate hidden waste, such as repetitive, time-consuming and error-prone processes, waiting times and processing complexity.

All departments can perfectly sync with enhanced collaborative workflows as real-time data is put at the centre of the ecosystem, driving operations and decisions.

This is about creating mission-critical value.

We are a global, agile team of knowledge workers that create mission-critical value for our customers by combining global expertise and experience with local knowledge and presence. 

Wherever our customers operate, they can rely on customer-facing support during local business hours.

Our customers will confirm that we are a mature and solid global player. We deliver world-class quality anywhere and take up infrastructure, monitoring, and security responsibilities. 

Investments in a profound information security programme resulted in the ISO 27001 certificate for Information Security Management.

Let's embrace change, co-innovate, and unlock the full potential of data and connectivity across your enterprise.

Our global customer community—media networks, broadcasters, (OTT) streamers (FAST and xVOD, video service providers, and sports rights holders—alert us to upcoming needs from various angles. Our proximity inspires us to co-innovate and continuously develop future-fit solutions. It also obliges us to stay on top of evolution with our product roadmap.

Together we can unlock the full potential of data, connecting data assets across the content supply chain to fast-track advanced BI and AI capabilities that visualize and optimize Content ROI.


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