• Multiplatform audience engagement across on-demand, FAST, linear and social channels
  • FAST Scheduling Artist for a qualitative, compliant, and ready-to-air FAST channel at the click of a button
  • Smart automation enabling touchless operations and management-by-exception
  • Integrated reporting across all distribution channels

Powerful SaaS suites to configure your next-gen Scheduling & Broadcast Management System

Linear & On-Demand

Integrated suite for multiplatform audience engagement


Agile deployment & management of linear broadcasting & streaming channels (incl. FAST automation)


Agile on-demand planning & scheduling from one intuitive interface

Linear and FAST

The world-leading capabilities for linear planning and scheduling

  • Launch and manage FAST channels with minimized effort
    • Our groundbreaking and award-winning tool, FAST Scheduling Artist, enables FAST channel management through the click of a button.
    • Driven by our AI algorithm that will ensure a schedule that approaches the quality of traditional TV schedules, stays within rights and budgets, engages specific viewer segments and creates viewer loyalty.

    Learn more about FAST Scheduling Artist.

  • For any combination of linear broadcasting and (themed) linear streaming channels
    • Go for more channels, target audiences, territories and business models without spiraling complexities and costs
    • With cross-channel and cross-department coordination around one source of truth
    • Easy to implement, integrate and manage - great BAPIs
    • Continuously evolving
  • From long-term planning to the playlist in one smooth collaborative flow
    • End-to-end simplified, best-practice content, rights and scheduling workflows 
    • Powerful rights & copyrights verification, editing, and segmentation capabilities
    • Easy metadata capture and enrichment
    • Strong content promotion capabilities
    • Advanced automation
    • Material brought in right on cue
    • Knowledge of the value of schedules and content assets
    • Powerful reporting that does not depend on bespoke spreadsheets


The best-of-breed capabilities for VOD planning and scheduling

  • All your content and on-demand operations at a glance
    • Plan content on one beautifully intuitive SaaS interface
    • Perfectly organize your content and metadata, for your teams to collaborate in the cloud
    • Manage licensing deals and rights restrictions for multiple platforms, territories, business models and devices
    • Automate catch-up services 
  • Scale across platforms, business models, and territories
    • Fully exploit your content
    • Manage all content operations from one integrated workspace
    • Streamline metadata distribution
    • Remain on top of complex licensing agreements
    • Easy and deep integrations (great APIs) and automation

Linear and On-Demand

Leverage the combined power of WHATS'ON and BeBanjo

  • Engage viewers across VOD, linear and FAST
    • Without spiraling costs, complexities, and legal risks
    • Ensuring a coherent content discovery experience
  • Optimize multiplatform content monetization
    • Streamline end-to-end content, rights, and scheduling workflows
    • With one source of truth at the heart of a lean & collaborative content supply chain
    • Automate and scale up, transcending organizational silos

Discover the core, the packs and the extensions of each suite

  • The core of our suites provides you with the primary solution for your plans and challenges regarding on-demand, linear or on-demand & linear delivery combined.
  • If you wish to add capabilities for particular goals,  departments or functions along the content supply chain, you can choose packs of bundled capabilities.
  • Extensions are unbundled optional capabilities that you can add separately to meet specific individual demands.

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