Rise to the challenges of the multiplatform era

Contain costs and maximize the return on your investment in content. Solve the operational, tactical and strategic challenges that are unique to the complexities of this multiplatform era in the media industry. You can do it with worldwide market-leading Media Business Management Platform WHATS’ON.




MEDIAGENIX as your solution provider: 100 % project success rate

Transform to a lean content supply chain with unified content, rights & planning workflows across VOD and Linear

If content is your company’s lifeblood, we can make your life a great deal easier.

Listening to you until we fully understand your challenges and ambitions, we can leverage our deep knowledge, vast experience, and knack for co-creation to help you maximize the Lifetime Value and ROI of your content. You will achieve this by reaching the right audience with the right content at the right time through the right channels while you drive business performance on four levels: multiplatform operational efficiency, cross-functional collaboration, multiplatform audience engagement, and content monetization.

Watch this lean content supply chain as enabled by WHATS’ON

See how WHATS’ON deploys the most comprehensive set of functionalities and features that facilitate tighter integration and collaboration between strategic, planning and operational workflows and tasks within the organization and across the value chain. With one source of truth, touchless operations, and actionable intelligence — the three power principles of a lean content supply chain — you will be able to drive automation of your back office and produce major efficiencies from content acquisition, contract & rights management, strategic planning, unified multichannel Linear/VOD scheduling, continuity scheduling, promo & interstitial management, and cross-platform distribution to smart analytics and rights sales.

Optimally exploit your content on any VOD services

Optimally exploit your content on any VOD services

Driven by rights. Fully verified. Completely integrated, with multiformat workflow management. Catch-up & preview services driven from the linear schedules. Read more >

Manage smart linear channels end to end

Manage smart linear channels end to end

Integrated workflows, from budget plan to fully crafted playlists. Automatically in line with rights, regulations, business rules, branding and marketing targets. Use the same toolset for your VOD operations. Read more >

Don’t leave money on the table

Don’t leave money on the table

Exploit your rights to the full. Always know the value of stock and schedule, and your ROI. Manage your commercial inventory. Read more >

Streamline the material workflow

Streamline the material workflow

Manage and monitor the workflows for both VOD and Linear publication. Read more >

Build your audience - Stay within legal boundaries

Build your audience - Stay within legal boundaries

Schedule promotions—automatically, manually or combined— based on ratings and targets. Observe parental guidance (compliance) rules, licence conditions and government regulations. Read more >

Integrate, automate & future-proof media operations

Integrate, automate & future-proof media operations

Integrate with standard interfaces or with the toolkit to create your own REST API calls.  Set up workflows across departments and systems. Read more >

Hit the targets and report on everything

Hit the targets and report on everything

Calculate and report on statistics, quota values, financial information, content and all other kinds of information. Read more >

We help prominent media companies across the globe achieve Content ROI

In targeted regions across the world, we enable public and commercial radio and TV networks and stations, on-demand platforms, OTT services, DTC streamers, telcos and their service providers to achieve Content ROI and grow in the fast evolving and globalizing media market.

  • They can manage by exception and eliminate hidden waste, such as repetitive, time-consuming and error-prone processes, waiting times and processing complexity.
  • All departments can work in perfect sync with enhanced collaborative workflows as real-time data is put at the centre of the ecosystem, driving operations and decisions around one source of truth.
  • Matching supply and demand, and executing it all to perfection, they can proactively and simultaneously launch and manage multiple channels and services across diverse platforms, and make memorable media experiences happen.

Let’s co-innovate to further improve operational efficiency, viewer engagement, cross-functional collaboration, and content monetization

We invite you to our customer community: a rich mix of outstanding players in the media world. This global community has helped us get where we are today, alerting us to upcoming needs from a great variety of angles. Our proximity inspires us to co-innovate and continuously develop future-fit solutions.

With a customer base that includes more than 150 media networks and over 2500 channels worldwide, we dare say media companies in your business environment already use WHATS’ON.

MEDIAGENIX - How we co-create

Proven track record for delivering mission-critical value, combining global media expertise with local knowledge and presence

We are a global, adaptable team of knowledge workers. Combining global expertise and experience in the media industry with local knowledge and presence, we create mission-critical value for our customers. This has made us a significant world player with a content supply chain & metadata management platform that is the worldwide reference in its field.

Our customers see us as a mature global player who delivers world class quality anywhere, and who takes up responsibilities regarding infrastructure, monitoring, and security. Investments in a profound information security programme resulted in the ISO 27001 certificate for Information Security Management.

MEDIAGENIX - We create value

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We would love to hear about your plans and maybe give you a demo of how we could help you make them true. With in-person or remote meetings and demos, and presence at trade shows, we are doing everything we can so you can get to know us and our solutions. We will be happy to meet you in person, if not at the office, then in Singapore, Las Vegas, Amsterdam or another city hosting an international trade show.

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