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IBC 2023: An industry in search of a common groove

By Ivan Verbesselt

IBC has returned triumphantly to its pre-pandemic glory, with this year’s show floor resembling a bustling hive of activity. Even though the MEDIAGENIX booth was significantly larger than before, it was consistently fully utilized. 
This indicates that our approach to streamlining the content supply chain aligns with a broader trend emerging across the media industry. 

In search of ever more lean operations, everyone in the media-tech industry is increasingly focused on creating an environment conducive to end-to-end collaborative workflows. After all, the media industry is fundamentally people-centric. The collaborative efforts of creative, editorial, business, and technology talents are essential in profitably delivering a rewarding media experience to audiences worldwide. 

Ironically, the pandemic that forced IBC to cancel for two years played a pivotal role in this process. In an era marked by increasingly remote and loosely connected workforces, the entire content supply and value chain, spanning pre-production, production, post-production, aggregation, distribution, consumption, and monetization, is now oriented toward achieving greater seamlessness in collaboration. Necessity once more proved to be the mother of invention.

While significant progress has been made, numerous untapped opportunities still need to be explored. The more stringent economic environment in which the media industry operates will make content supply chain efficiency even more crucial to profitably navigate the continuous and rapid change that marks this decade. 

This will require more than the proverbial “two to tango”; it takes the whole industry to find a common groove.

The collaborative efforts of creative, editorial, business, and technology talents are essential in profitably delivering a rewarding media experience to audiences worldwide. 

MEDIAGENIX highlights 

One of the standout highlights for MEDIAGENIX at IBC 2023 has been the positive reception of our web and cloud technologies, which constitute a robust foundation for cross-functional collaboration, cross-platform operational efficiencies, audience engagement, and maximized content value. The seamless integration of BeBanjo as a crucial enabler for efficient VOD scheduling, allowing staff to onboard rapidly, forms an essential part of that proposition. The introduction of FAST automation has generated significant excitement at IBC, and it was very encouraging to see that our advancements in Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, and automation have garnered substantial attention and validation. The receipt of the IABM BaM Award and the high commendation from the CSI Awards jury for Ratings Artist exemplify this recognition from the media-tech industry. 

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