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Dan Meyer on content-value management

Blending art and science to optimize content ROI

At the OTT Executive Summit of December 11-13, 2023, Dan Meyer participated in a captivating panel discussion with Kristen Roberts (Great American Media) and Michael Toedman (allrites) about critical aspects of content-value management in the digital realm. The discussion touched on topics such as market shifts, profitability in streaming, industry consolidation, and the rise of niche players.

Dan underlined the consequences of neglecting content-value management, emphasizing its pivotal role in maximizing content ROI: “In this consolidating industry, media companies need to move away from just driving viewer numbers and keep a tight grip on profitability.”

The panel highlighted the imperative to differentiate content by considering exclusivity and licensing rights.

Kristen discussed the challenges of brand-building, especially post-merger, emphasizing the need for a distinct, brand-driven viewer experience. The aim should be to curate an engaging, predictable, and unique experience that stands out in a sea of content available across platforms.

Michael accentuated a shift from a centralized decision-making model to a more organic, user-centric approach that needs to be freed from the limitations of traditional content licensing models and transcend geographical limitations. Anticipating the consolidation of big platforms, he foresees potential in the long tail of independent niche players challenging the larger platforms by catering to more engaged and profitable sub-segments.

The panel emphasized the blend of art and science in content management, combining data analytics with experts’ insights. They urge the industry to embrace adaptability, experimentation, and strategic thinking to deliver tailored and engaging digital experiences.

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