Aug 01

One toolset for both VOD and Linear

Tuesday August 1st, 2017

VOD or Linear? Use the same toolset. We can show you how to optimise your content life cycle and get the best value in this content-centric era.

This era is about generating added value throughout the content’s lifecycle.

This business is no longer about filling linear channels with content, no longer about offering as many titles as possible on VOD services. It is about generating added value throughout the content’s lifecycle.

A content-centric business model will shape the future. But this business model is only viable to the extent that you can efficiently combine platforms and devices, and optimally offer produced, acquired, user-generated and archive content, managing the rights down to extract level, and establishing effective workflows to deliver the content in the right format to the various publication systems, in accordance with the applicable standards and requirements.

Big live sports events, blockbuster movies, vintage series and movies, gameshows and soaps, old content or new … all require a different approach.  The future is about choosing the best possible distribution technique.

You need to react fast to new techniques and opportunities, but you can only do so as long as your back-office can cope. We can enable you in that with a flexible, integrated and, most crucially, agile content, rights and scheduling system.

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