Changing the B in BMS
for the multiplatform era

Why it is time for media companies to start managing Content Lifetime Value with a lean operational machine

How to excel in the multiplatform era?

As the battle for eyeballs intensifies, we are witnessing a rapid evolution towards multichannel content distribution. The exponentially increasing operational costs of managing multiple platforms and business models threaten to spiral out of control. To keep ahead of the curve, media companies must adopt lean supply chain best practices and enable data-driven collaboration across the entire organization, including partners...

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  • why in other industries, the Lean, Agile and Just-in-Time principles are the backbone of the distribution value chain;
  • what these principles could bring to the media industry, and how to keep a tight grip on the differences;
  • why Content Lifetime Value should be one of the key business metrics to measure, control and master;
  • and much more.