Strategic Planning

Simplify the long-term planning process and make it collaborative

WHATS’ON Strategic Planning is the web-native application that supports the process of strategic planning and visualizes the content and channel & platform strategy over long periods of time. With this tool you can drive great business value through lean cross-functional collaboration, and alignment of demand, capacity and inventory.


4 reasons why WHATS’ON Strategic Planning drives business value

Is part of our evolving integrated business management processes to dynamically synchronize demand, capacity, and inventory.

Simplifies content planning in line with business goals and windowing strategies, keeping track of changes.

Facilitates collaboration and allows for workflow orchestration of cross-functional processes to eliminate alignment complexities and create a real-time data flow across divisions and management layers.

Sets the ground for future workflow automation and decision-making improvements as it enables the integration of the many separate plans into a single shared and consistent process, and drives business agility. 

WHATS’ON Strategic Planning: seamless flow of information on the planned life cycle of content

The first delivery of WHATS’ON Strategic Planning is a long-term, content-centric plan that serves as directive to the platforms, channels and brands on when and how content will be used.

WHATS’ON Strategic Planning makes it possible for you to:

  • define the life cycle of content in an easy way, and in a format that gives you the freedom you need at that early stage;
  • benefit from a seamless flow of information into WHATS’ON, for operational planning;
  • take constraints into account, such as budgets, financials, amortization plans, dubbing costs.


4 ways to save time and effort

Replace manual and Excel-based planning.

Reduce the collaboration effort with a single source-of-truth. Subplans of the strategic plan are kept in sync for platform and channel managers.

Streamline and integrate planning across divisions and regions for certain business workflows by integrating WHATS’ON Strategic Planning with the WHATS’ON Workflow Orchestrator.

Simplify the long-term planning process with functionalities for tentpole programming.

This high-level plan, which platform and channel managers can use to preselect ‘tentpole’ programmes, will be handed over to long- and mid-term planners who will refine it over time.

Wondering how WHATS’ON Strategic Planning can maximize business value for your company? We are open to co-creation.

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