Schedule Gallery

Your collaborative schedule analysis tool for strategic planning decisions

Schedule Gallery is an easy-to-use, stand-alone, web-native application that allows regular WHATS’ON users as well as senior managers without any WHATS’ON knowledge to securely view linear and nonlinear scheduling data in real-time. It is your collaboration tool and schedule analysis instrument for strategic planning decisions.


3 key efficiency & productivity gains for a fast Return on Investment

Save precious time in preparation

Thanks to quick and easy views in read-only mode, you can eliminate an estimated 2-hour effort a week spent manually extracting scheduling data. You can access real-time scheduling data, which is key to making strategic decisions about content usage on upcoming and future schedules.

Focus on the topic at hand

Every non-WHATS’ON user who regularly requires insight into scheduling data saves at least one hour a week with instantly focused views on genres, departments, target groups, and cost grades. They can have the schedule data filtered, sorted and instantly visualized the way they need it.

Enhance collaboration and decision making

WHATS’ON Schedule Gallery increases the efficiency of meetings and other collaboration events by 10 %. You can visualize the relevant scheduling data on the spot and filter to focus on strategic planning. The real-time synchronization of the WHATS’ON schedules gives a more precise view of what is planned now and in the future. 

Unlock a wealth of insights within your schedules

  • WHATS’ON Schedule Gallery gives non-WHATS’ON users easy graphical interpretations of real-time scheduling data on an intuitive web page.
  • WHATS’ON Schedule Gallery gives WHATS’ON users richer presentation views and filters. The multichannel views provide a wider perspective across days enabling planners to optimize the schedules and future content use.
  • WHATS’ON Schedule Gallery can be used anytime, anywhere without knowledge of WHATS’ON and without the risk of accidentally changing scheduling data in Edit mode.


10 reasons why WHATS’ON Schedule Gallery is the new way of reporting, presenting and making decisions

Easy-to-use, stand-alone web-native tool

Powerful multichannel views — multiple managerial presentation views

Extensive and intuitive filtering and visualization modes

Real-time synchronization with WHATS’ON schedules

Fast and efficient

Simplified use of operational data for strategic decision making

View on content and its metadata

The perfect tool for meetings and other collaborative events

No WHATS’ON knowledge needed

Secure and controlled: uses its own database, with WHATS’ON permissions and security, no risk of impacting operational WHATS’ON use

Filter, visualize, and tell more than a thousand words

With multiple managerial presentation views and multichannel views in safe read-only mode, you can dig deep into a wealth of real-time scheduling data to gain new insights, inform and convince, with or without any knowledge of WHATS’ON.

Wondering how WHATS’ON Schedule Gallery can maximize business value for your company? We are open to co-creation.

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