Extend the reach of your content sales globally

WHATS’ON further enriches your lean content supply chain with WHATS’ON Marketplace, powered by Vuulr.

Through the partnership with Vuulr, the largest online transactional content marketplace for film and TV rights, and thanks to seamless integration, you can offer your content to buyers worldwide with both content metadata and avails automatically synced between WHATS’ON and Vuulr. This opens up the most frictionless way to monetize all the available rights across your entire catalogue.


4 reasons why WHATS’ON Marketplace drives business value

Effortless way to monetize the dormant capital of your back catalogue and capture value from the increasing global demand for content.

New way to generate significant incremental content licensing revenue with minimal costs and operational impact.

Gives access to a wide range of potential buyers that are difficult to reach via traditional sales channels.

Seamless integration with WHATS’ON ensures high information quality on the Vuulr platform and stronger buyer traction (e.g. avoiding buyer frustrations over outdated information).

WHATS’ON Marketplace: a seamless extension of your lean content supply chain

  • Fully integrated with the WHATS’ON Rights module and automated synchronization of data through an API gateway.
  • Centralized management of sold sales rights via our Rights Out module.
  • Content will be available on both the MEDIAGENIX and Vuulr Marketplace platforms.
  • Various modes of deployment can be considered, including your own branded internal marketplace with access restricted to a selected audience.


4 ways to save time and effort

Natural extension of content acquisition & content sales workflows into the touchless content supply chain execution.

No hassle with manual updates. Rights availability information and metadata are always automatically synced.

Post-transaction updates of rights are automatically uploaded in WHATS’ON.

Transactions are fast and frictionless.

“The quality of the rights and metadata is key for the creation of value from a marketplace platform.”

Wondering how WHATS’ON Marketplace can maximize business value for your company? We are open to co-creation.

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