Tackle today's operational, tactical and strategic challenges with lean & agile media business management solutions

Discover how we keep developing software solutions that meet your specific needs, plans and priorities regarding content acquisition, contract & rights management, strategic planning, unified multichannel Linear/VOD scheduling, continuity scheduling, promo & interstitial management, cross-platform distribution, smart analytics, rights sales, and indeed your end-to-end content supply chain.

Manage by exception
Work in perfect sync
Match supply & demand

Maximize your Content ROI as a

Media Network

  • Supporting distributed operations and visibility across markets and distribution channels.
  • Significantly reducing operational costs by supporting automation and management-by-exception across local, regional, and global entities.
  • Enabling seamless integration with the existing tech stack.
  • Enabling operational synergies around centralized data.
  • Providing advanced and extensive reporting capabilities and easy data sharing.


  • Enabling you to quickly launch streaming platforms and keeps the overview on content performance.
  • Providing strategic release plans from complete and granular rights management compliant with rules on competition and quota; if on a global scale, with derived regional schedules for the territories.
  • Ensuring streamlined and automated workflows for content distribution.
  • Managing complex revenue share calculations.


  • Providing robust and flexible linear and non-linear scheduling functionality.
  • Providing an open and adaptable platform.
  • Allowing  to simplify and unify the tech stack.
  • Supporting easy export of data intelligence.
  • Driving operational agility to secure growth and cost-effectively manage multiplatform expansion.
  • Regular upgrades that keep you on top of the evolving multiplatform complexities.

Video service provider (telcos, aggregators et al.)

  • Eliminating the repetitive manual tasks for on-demand content curation.
  • Providing real-time insights into the status of media assets.
  • Providing significantly more functionality than media asset management systems. This includes workflow orchestration to efficiently process VOD, linear content and metadata assets across multiple platforms.

Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST)

  • Enabling you to monetize your content rights towards new, rapidly growing viewer segments, while minimizing operational costs.
  • Launching FAST or other streaming channels with speed in sync with viewer and advertiser demand.
  • Utilizing channels on additional platforms without significant impact on the existing operational capabilities.
  • Achieving high-quality content scheduling across distribution channels.
  • Converging the linear and digital world in one system.

Provider of next-level content experiences

  • We are all about making memorable media experiences happen. The combination of new technologies with the ability to merge and integrate established distribution models is creating new opportunities that take these experiences to the next level.
  • A case in point is the immersive and interactive Outernet experience in Central London where 360 degree 16K floor-to-ceiling screens and immersive audio and aroma come together for great storytellers and information providers.

VOD operations

  • Distributing a large catalogue to your own OTT service and/or to third-party affiliates, across multiple territories and business models.
  • Managing the non-linear scheduling workflow end-to-end, from one intuitive visual interface with the most advanced functionality in the world.
  • Fully exploiting your content with the powerful search functionality.
  • Driving catch-up and preview services automatically from the linear schedules.


Here is how you optimize operational efficiency, viewer engagement, synced collaboration, and content monetization across platforms

Manage by exception and eliminate hidden waste

Automate and smarten up your operations with:

  • touchless operations
  • actionable content intelligence
  • unified linear and on-demand workflows

You will eliminate:

  • repetitive, time-consuming and error-prone processes
  • waiting times
  • processing complexity

Have all departments work in perfect sync

  • Enhance collaborative workflows with real-time data that is put at the centre of the ecosystem, driving operations and decisions around one source of truth.
  • Enable ecosystems for collaboration and data-flow based on:
    • open interfaces
    • easy integration with various applications

Match content supply and demand across platforms

Matching supply and demand and executing it all to perfection, you can proactively and simultaneously launch and manage: 

  • multiple channels
  • multiple services 
  • across multiple platforms

MEDIAGENIX as your solution provider:
100 % project success rate



We bring you all the benefits on time and on budget, with a smooth transition and fast Time-to-Value

  • Continuously investing in our WHATS'ON platform and WHATS'ON & BeBanjo planning functionality, we are following a robust roadmap driven by co-development with a global and very diverse customer community. This ensures that our functionality is focused on solving emerging multiplatform challenges and real-time alignment between strategy, planning and execution.
  • MEDIAGENIX is also committed to supporting you in achieving maximum business value from your investment with fast Time-to-Value.
  • We maintain partnership agreements with many tech-stack companies to make sure existing investments can be reused as much as possible and to facilitate a smooth and qualitative transition with limited impact on operations
  • Providing support for your strategic change projects and/or alignment with your best practices and use cases, our in-house industry and technology experts help you get the most out of your WHATS’ON platform. Together with your operational experts they make sure that implementation is rapid and controlled—on time and on budget—and has no impact on your services to your viewers.

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