FAST Scheduling Artist

The ease of setting up compliant and revenue-boosting FAST channels through the click of a button

Linear scheduling can be a time-consuming and decision-intensive process. FAST Scheduling Artist resolves this by instantly scheduling a qualitative, legally correct, and ready-to-air FAST channel that engages viewers, promotes content, and drives commercial revenue—all at the push of a button.

This award-winning innovation automates the entire process, generating schedules complete with commercial ad breaks, promo intervals, and channel branding, ensuring a seamless viewing experience for your audience.

Experience a FAST reality where you can

  • launch a fully functional FAST channel in minutes
  • automatically create a content line-up to maximize engagement
  • gain real-time insights into operational metrics
  • streamline and optimize your workflow

Dynamic content scheduling: Our advanced FAST algorithm ensures that the most suitable content is always scheduled, eliminating gaps in the playlist and delivering a continuous stream of engaging content.

Real-time monitoring: Keep track of operational metrics such as content airplay frequency, material status, and rights clearance in our intuitive BI Cockpit.

Tailored channel experience: Combined with our smart content management capabilities,  FAST Scheduling Artist empowers you to tailor your FAST channel to the specific preferences of your audience, enhancing viewer engagement and loyalty.

Cutting-edge technology for seamless integration

Cloud-native solution: Our fully cloud-native architecture leverages the scalability and processing capabilities of the cloud, enabling real-time adjustments to schedules based on audience feedback and market dynamics.

FAST scheduling algorithm: This algorithm is built on AI and machine learning knowledge, enriched with our decades of experience in the scheduling industry. 

Advanced APIs: FAST Scheduling Artist is built on a foundation of meticulously designed APIs, facilitating seamless communication between different scheduling applications. Disparate components such as content management systems, ad servers, and branding tools harmoniously interact, ensuring a cohesive and streamlined workflow.

Intuitive BI cockpit: Within the BI cockpit, built atop this cloud platform, broadcasters gain real-time insights into operational metrics critical for effective FAST channel management. These metrics encompass a spectrum of performance indicators, including content reach, material status, and rights clearance status.

Insights from over 1,000 parameters

Creating a FAST channel that rivals traditional TV schedules in sophistication, adheres to rights and budget constraints, engages viewers, and builds loyalty is challenging. It requires a solution that ensures a positive return on investment, supporting the automatic creation and maintenance of the FAST channels. 

FAST Scheduling Artist makes the process data-driven, intuitive, and cost-effective. Leveraging insights from over 1,000 parameters, it creates an automated content line-up, suggests content acquisition tactics, and generates a complete broadcast channel. Users keep the overview of all relevant business parameters, including content catalog, available rights usage, demographic fit, and, ultimately, advertising revenues.

Craft unique FAST channels that resonate with their audience, rivaling traditional TV schedules in sophistication, engagement, and loyalty.

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