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MEDIAGENIX appoints new CEO Fabrice Maquignon to secure global leadership

Fabrice Maquignon becomes the new CEO, allowing his predecessor Dirk Debraekeleer to focus on strategy. As the media landscape is rapidly evolving on a global scale, MEDIAGENIX dynamically adapts to changes by making some shifts in its management to encourage further growth as a global organization. At the same time the state-of-the-art WHATS’ON platform is already anticipating the new reality in the international media industry.

As of February 17, Fabrice Maquignon will be the new CEO of MEDIAGENIX. He is coming over from Transwide & Teleroute – part of the Alpega Group – where he was CEO for 13 years. Fabrice has profound insight in international business expansion, supply chain digitization and the world of SAAS. His expertise will allow MEDIAGENIX to keep growing as a global player in the media industry.

For the current CEO Dirk Debraekeleer, this is by no means goodbye. By passing on his tasks to Fabrice Maquignon, he will be able to focus more on strategic challenges and partnerships. He will do this as Chairman of the Board, taking over from Bruno Denys, who remains the principal shareholder and member of the Board of Directors. As chairman, Dirk Debraekeleer will work closely together with the Board of Directors and the new CEO.

Dirk Debraekeleer: “MEDIAGENIX is all set to break through as a mature global player. We have expanded our market share in Europe, the United States and Canada, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Oceania. But we still see a lot of growing potential. That’s why I’m convinced Fabrice Maquignon is the right man to lead MEDIAGENIX on this exciting journey.”

Fabrice Maquignon: “When I met with the MEDIAGENIX team I was impressed by the position WHATS’ON has achieved, the strong customer centric approach and the employee empowerment culture. I am delighted to come on board at a time of profound change in the media industry and leverage my experience of global development, process digitization and SaaS, to lead MEDIAGENIX into the next “season”.

Future fit with WHATS’ON

The reinforced management team has the enhanced expertise to direct MEDIAGENIX as a leading and growing global tech provider in the rapidly evolving international media industry. Changing viewer behavior is pushing ‘traditional’ media companies towards hybrid models that encompass linear, on demand and streaming.

Streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+ have caused a real revolution, and managing content has become much more complex for media companies. MEDIAGENIX has anticipated these changes with its state-of-the-art WHATS’ON platform. This dynamic software is always evolving along with the needs of customers. It efficiently adapts to the worldwide shift towards OTT and the rise of global and local streaming services.

“We were quick to see the new possibilities in video on demand and alternatives to linear and analog viewing”, Dirk Debraekeleer explains. “This is also reflected in the community of our customers, which includes traditional broadcasters, but also OTT and DTC players as well as local and global streaming services that have changed the game all around the world.”

In order to respond even faster to the requirements of customers, MEDIAGENIX has been growing into an international organization – with offices in Brussels, Fort Lauderdale, Bangkok and Singapore. By offering scalability and flexibility, MEDIAGENIX is paving the way for sustainable growth on a global market.


After decades of co-creation with an ever-growing international customer community, MEDIAGENIX ranks among the top of tech vendors in the international media industry, serving customers in Europe, the Middle East, the United States, Asia, Latin America and Oceania. Customers include public and commercial radio and TV stations, on-demand platforms, OTT streamers, telcos and their service providers.

The MEDIAGENIX Broadcast Management Platform WHATS’ON enables media companies to optimise and automate the life cycles of content across multiple channels and services, and drive speed and efficiencies throughout the content supply chain from acquisition over planning, scheduling and rights management to publication and beyond.

WHATS’ON is a dynamic and constantly evolving platform, which enables MEDIAGENIX to meet all requirements of diverse players on the market. With its open architecture, cloud native modular applications and standard processes, this content-centric platform is an engine of innovation. Its open architecture brings the stability of an established solution with the power and flexibility of cloud-based components, opening up opportunities to leverage new technologies such as AI and machine learning.

The solution supports the entire content workflow or drives content/rights/media/EPG/finance workflows as a central system complemented with best-of-breed niche applications, to strategically run a mix of OTT, VoD and Linear business.

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