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“If content is the lifeblood of your company, it should flow free through the organization.”

“If content is the blood of your media operation then the content supply chain is the bloodstream. For your company to be a healthy organism the blood should flow free of obstructions.”

Hear Ivan Verbesselt, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, MEDIAGENIX, Rachel Joseph, Head of Product, Commissioning, Scheduling, Rights, Playout, BBC, and Darren Long, Group Operations Transformation Design, Sky, in:

The business of Content ROI – Getting more from the media supply chain.

A Media Meet & Greet webinar sponsored by MEDIAGENIX, and hosted by David Shapiro, Managing Director, 3-B Media.

2022 will be the year when broadcasters rethink their media and content supply chain in order to keep ahead of the pack, but what steps need to be taken?

In this webinar the participants look at linear and non-linear content management and best practice on how to optimize the media supply chain. They discuss how to best monetize content and engage viewers, the application of AI/ML in the lifecycle of content, grappling with legacy and future of rights management issues, and how managing content across multiple languages, formats and platforms now matters more than ever.

Watch the recording:

Some quotes:

“The more important element is how to be efficient in the lifetime engagement of content, how to be efficient in engaging the audience and to be agile in enabling new monetization vehicles and new distribution methods and having fast time to value there without having to re-engineer time and again how it is being done.” (11:29, Ivan Verbesselt)

“It’s making sure that your workforce are working smarter, not harder. When you’re dealing with volumes of content in excess of 400,000 of assets per year across all of your platforms, you got to set yourself up in a really clever way to ensure that your staff are doing everything by exception.” (16:44, Darren Long)

“We have 100 years of programmed content and something like 6.5 million assets, and I have this sort of image that I can throw a thousand contracts through the AI process and end up with all the data that I need.” (19:26, Rachel Joseph)

“Don’t think AI is the holy grail. It’s about taking out repetitive instructions (…) it is an enabler that allows you to minimize the number of touchpoints your team and your operations are doing.” (20:14, Darren Long)

“I prefer the term augmented intelligence recognizing the fact that in the whole content operation even when we try and manage by exception – as touchless as possible – even in the most sophisticated cases you have a ‘human-in-the-loop’ type of scenario.” (23:02, Ivan Verbesselt)

“People do not want to spend hours searching through rails. They want the services they buy to be really exciting because they’re constantly changing, giving them the content they want when they want it, and it’s really discoverable and easy.” (29:30, Darren Long)

“We need simplification into more interoperative systems so they can talk to each other more, and we can share that data, whether that is a data lake where we can extract data from and put it in front of commissioners or schedulers or rights people.” (37:00, Rachel Joseph)

“We all think we’re individual and special. We’re not. We are people who are distributing content to our customers and we got to do it in the best and most efficient way. But equally, we need to give our customers great entertainment when they want it. So it’s about that whole end- to-end supply chain and making sure that we can be as frictionless as possible, as quick and as cheap as possible. That means that all of us need to communicate, work together, and ensure that we survive thanks to the way we make, shape and share content across the supply chain of the future.” (39:38, Darren Long)

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