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How user groups inspire the MEDIAGENIX product roadmap

When in 2018 we saw all those other media companies onboarding WHATS’ON in the UK, we said let’s get together and see where we can find commonalities. Instead of different customizations, let’s help move this product forward as a base.

George Britton, Technology Manager at UKTV

Our customer proximity initiatives took a flying start this year with successful meetings of the Nordics User Group (customers from Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden) and the Flemish User Forum. These gatherings swiftly followed the sessions of the UK & ROI User Forum and the WHATS’ON User Group Francophone (customers from France, Switzerland and Belgium) that had closed 2022 on an equally productive note.

Such user groups are important knowledge-sharing platforms for MEDIAGENIX customers, and nurturing them is an excellent way for us to fuel our customers’ sense of involvement, hear their voice and get their actionable input and feedback. 

User groups are important knowledge-sharing platforms.

What both parties take away from user group sessions complements the more topical input and feedback exchanged during separate workshops, meetings and daily communication, as well as the overarching roadmap discussion among the customer community during the User Advisory Board days. 

User groups typically converge around a common purpose, need, concern, or culture (e.g. region) that prompts the members to exchange ideas and experiences and put their heads together about plans, events, developments and activities.

Common purposes include building a case for improvements, new tools, new functionality, or process optimization and further enhancing the customer experience.

Common needs: preparing for changes with future-proof flows, further optimizing specific functionality or features, and sharing best practices, uses cases, standards, designs, or training.

Common concerns can be about troubleshooting and finding an answer to a shared problem.

On this common ground, the groups formulate their mission and goal, which is the foundation for all communication about the group’s purpose. The aim is to inspire key people to get involved and give other companies reasons to join. The energy and effort invested in the groups always impact on how MEDIAGENIX proceeds on its product roadmap, inspires innovations and brings new ideas into existing functionality. 

User groups are our antennae for new needs, expectations and ideas. They are also our oxygen to go that extra mile and develop innovative, future-proof solutions.

Yannick Verrydt
Customer Success Coordinator

I am very grateful MEDIAGENIX is supporting the Nordics User Forum. The closer we get as a group and participate in the organization of things, the more fruitful this will be.

Marianne Skille, Service owner, Planning and Publishing Systems at NRK

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