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DEG member MEDIAGENIX contributes to the industry conversation

As a member of the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG), MEDIAGENIX is contributing to the conversation in the digital media industry and taking part in committees that steer the industry into the future.

For 25 years, DEG has been an organization that advocates and promotes platforms, products, and distribution channels in the digital media industry. The ultimate goal of DEG is to improve the consumer experience, which will grow this industry. 

Andi Elliott, Director, Sales and Membership Services at DEG, said: “We are very pleased to welcome MEDIAGENIX. Membership in DEG puts MEDIAGENIX in the room with decision-makers across the entertainment ecosystem for discussions on current trends and emerging technologies. In addition, it provides valuable opportunities to communicate the company’s perspective on key topics. We help our members also with thought leadership publishing and speaking opportunities at industry events. There are, of course, ample networking and promotional opportunities at the annual in-person DEG events.”

We get extra opportunities to keep a finger on the pulse.

Emmanuel Müller, Managing Director MEDIAGENIX Americas, added: “DEG is an active community that invites us to collaborate on initiatives and support DEG committees that address matters relating to the future of the media supply chain. As a DEG member, we get extra opportunities to keep a finger on the pulse with decision makers across the industry.”

The DEG Communities and Committees

Rebecca Twardy, Strategic Account Director MEDIAGENIX Americas, is now participating in several DEG committees, including the Supply Chain Efficiency and Security Committee, the Localization Committee, and Specification Review Committee. “In the committees, I can connect and collaborate with some of our biggest customers and prospects,” Rebecca commented. “This allows us to help steer conversations of impact to the MEDIAGENIX team and get name recognition and exposure in the U.S. market.” 

In DEG’s D2C Alliance and Advanced Content Delivery Alliance (ACDA), members collaborate with other leading media and entertainment stakeholders to share best practices, tackle consumer issues and create efficiency in the media supply chain. The ACDA active committees are Supply Chain Efficiency & Security, and Localization. The active committees of the D2C Alliance are TV & Connected Devices and Targeted Services. The Live Sports Council and AVOD Innovation Group are recent creations where members can address issues around these offerings. 

More information about DEG:

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