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ABU DBS: Conquering VOD complexity

ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2017 in Kuala Lumpur got off to a flying start for MEDIAGENIX as Johan Vanmarcke, Managing Director MEDIAGENIX Asia, took pride of place at the opening session and the ministerial session.
Not much later SVP Product strategy Michel Beke took the main stage to explain how a content-centric BMS can conquer the complexity of VOD from rights to material management. The rest of the day was fully booked by visitors to our booth 43.

Here is the gist of Michel’s presentation:

Linear, on-demand, recorded, streamed on social media … how viewers consume content is drastically changing, and so are the devices they are watching it on.

Whereas the experience is being made as smooth and easy as possible for viewers, broadcasters mainly experience an exploding complexity. It has indeed become so labour-intensive and difficult to manage the content, the rights and prepare all the video material in its many shapes and forms, that broadcasters are held back in their efforts to offer their content to the viewer in the most versatile and efficient way. This drives up the costs and limits the adoption of new revenue streams.

WHATS’ON, MEDIAGENIX’s content and lifecycle solution, can enable broadcasters and content providers to become more successful in an ever-changing media landscape. Renowned broadcasters, on-demand service providers, platform and telco operators across the globe already built their future on this unique solution.

(photo by courtesy of  ABU Technology)

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