Help and Documentation

Our Help and Documentation team ensures smooth sailing, empowering you to harness the true power of our software effortlessly.

Mediagenix Platform

(Formerly known as WHATS’ON)

  • APIs

    Build integration with external systems, automate actions, and customize your workflows with our API developer portal.

  • Service Windows

    A Service Window is a pre-scheduled timeframe set by Mediagenix for conducting preventive maintenance that may potentially disrupt service.

Mediagenix On-Demand

(Formerly known as BeBanjo)

  • Help Center

    Get detailed, expert information on a variety of topics. Dive in to discover insights and solutions that meet your needs.

  • Release Notes

    Follow how our on-demand capabilities are always getting better.

  • APIs and Data Model

    Learn about our APIs, explore our data model and configure Mediagenix On-Demand to your specific use cases.