Content Cockpit

Navigate by real-time performance data to maximum Content ROI

WHATS’ON Content Cockpit is the web tool that helps managers optimize Content ROI by giving them real-time visibility on content performance and operational efficiency on all channels and platforms, based on actionable data, insights, and augmented intelligence.


5 reasons why WHATS’ON Content Cockpit drives business value

Provides AI-assisted content-marketplace guidance to find more strategically aligned content faster on the market and negotiate a better price.

Enables smart content-catalogue simulations to optimize schedules, gain greater insight into stock value, and make better use of available stock.

Utilizes insights on past and future schedules to produce increasingly accurate predictions of viewer demand and potential revenues via content-performance monitoring.

Provides data insights on ROI per title, revenues generated, and remaining monetizable value via Content ROI analysis.

Predicts potential audience engagement returns for content available on the market, in stock and planned across multiple channels, and provides actionable data to improve monetization potential.

WHATS’ON Content Cockpit: your flight instruments to maximize Content ROI

The out-of-the-box dashboards of this standardized product visualize the supply chain KPIs that are key for making educated decisions.

For instance:

  • Estimating and benchmarking license fees for negotiating purposes
  • Checking whether the quality of stock and schedule is in line with the programming department’s quality requirements
  • Monitoring whether the schedule cost stays in line with the programming budget
  • Assessing the cost/revenue ratio for content


5 ways to save time and effort

50 % time saving on researching avails and suitable content.

Up to 20% reduction in acquisition fees.

Stock analysis effort reduced by 40%.

25% higher accuracy of estimated ratings.

Long-term scheduling time reduced by up to 50%.

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