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MEDIAGENIX partners with Globecast and ES Broadcast providing Euronews with WHATS’ON as SaaS in end-to-end fully managed cloud services

As Euronews is transforming its operations and distribution pushing forward with its digital-first strategy, MEDIAGENIX is partnering with Globecast and ES Broadcast to supply Euronews with the Broadcast Management System they will use in their new environment.

We will offer WHATS’ON as a SaaS solution, fully hosted by MEDIAGENIX, focusing on content, scheduling, and playlist management. WHATS’ON will be seamlessly integrated with the help of system integrator ES Broadcast.

We are very proud to be part of this unique new setup envisioned by Globecast and ES Broadcast, and we eagerly anticipate providing Euronews with a world-class BMS for many years to come.

Here is the Globecast press release:

Euronews selects Globecast for content production, playout and distribution transformation with end-to-end fully managed cloud services.

Paris, 12th September, 2023 — Multiplatform news provider Euronews has selected Globecast, the leading broadcast, media and entertainment managed services platform provider, as its technical partner to spearhead the technological transformation of its operations and distribution. The project is a clear validation of Globecast’s recently announced full cloud strategy, benefitting both customers and SaaS providers via technology partnerships, technology integration and the provision of end-to-end, fully managed services.

Euronews, Europe’s leading international news channel, has a well-established relationship with Globecast, with the latter providing a range of distribution services for many years. Euronews is in the process of transforming its operations and distribution as it pushes forward with its successful digital-first strategy.

We are working closely with a powerful set of selected strategic partners to create the ultimate tool kit using proven, dynamic SaaS applications.

Gregoire Courtois, Sales Director, Distribution and Media Management, Globecast, said, “We have developed market-leading cloud understanding via a range of successful cloud playout and content acquisition projects. As more and more customers want to move to the cloud to take advantage of the inherent flexibility and scalability, we have significantly expanded our service proposition to reach across consulting, technology and service integration. Following those processes, we can now also provide fully or partially managed service operation, depending on each customer case. To do this, we are working closely with a powerful set of selected strategic partners to create the ultimate tool kit using proven, dynamic SaaS applications onboarded through, and hosted in, our CloudMediaHub infrastructure.”

Having consulted closely with Euronews, Globecast has developed an end-to-end solution allowing the news experts to benefit from modern cloud capabilities with key processes automated. It will also benefit from ongoing full service management from Globecast. The project covers content production, playout and distribution of 14 linear channels.

Globecast is partnering with systems integrator ES Broadcast and is working with AWS via its cloud partnership. The company is integrating and then fully managing all linear services 24/7. The solution is composed of several SaaS partners’ technologies across video editing, scheduling and playout and then on across the company’s renowned distribution range of options. Globecast is also integrating more specific tools to optimise the service portfolio. This leads to the creation of a fully integrated, seamless, flexible and easily scalable architecture.

Francois Schmitt, COO, Euronews, said, “Across the lifespan of Euronews, we’re continually expanding and adding new services and operating these ourselves. Globecast very clearly explained the dramatic evolution of its cloud suite of services and as we enter the next stage of our development, the optimisation of our technical solutions was central to what we wanted to do. We have developed great trust in Globecast, working with them for many years, and this is a natural extension of our relationship.”

Courtois added, “This is a state-of-the-art solution that realises the potential of what the cloud, combined with technical acumen in this area, can do. Removing CAPEX is central to this, alongside the dynamism the cloud brings, as evidenced by the easy way a service portfolio can be quickly re-optimised. This will allow Euronews to easily respond to evolving market situations. By outsourcing the integration and management of these services, Euronews can concentrate on what it does best – creating great content.”

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