In his webinar of 8 December 2022, MEDIAGENIX Chief Product and Marketing Officer Ivan Verbesselt unveils the winning formula for Content Lifetime Value. He explains how a lean and data-driven content supply chain enables you to increase that value as your content moves across channels, platforms and business models over its extended lifetime.

Your engine: a lean and data-driven content supply chain

Today’s challenge is to achieve the best Content ROI possible by constantly matching content demand with content supply, inventory and operational capacity. This goes beyond cost optimization and demands even more than cross-platform operational efficiency. It requires a truly connected content supply chain and an approach that maximizes the Lifetime Value of content by strategically and dynamically publishing, reusing, and repurposing content over various channels, platforms, and business models over an extended period.

In this webinar we define the formula for Content Lifetime Value and explore the levers that amplify its force. We touch upon how we can:

  • increase the content’s utility for cross-platform audience engagement;
  • drive the content’s lifecycle with actionable content intelligence;
  • connect the dots in the content supply chain with data-driven, collaborative workflows around one source of truth;
  • tackle augmented complexity with augmented intelligence;
  • achieve true digital transformation with data-driven decisioning and end-to-end connectivity across the strategic, planning and execution levels of the organization.

The Speaker

Ivan Verbesselt

Ivan Verbesselt is Chief Product & Marketing Officer with MEDIAGENIX and a frequent industry speaker. He gratefully looks back on an exciting business, marketing and technology journey through Telecoms, Internet, Digital Media and Security. He has held positions as SVP Group Marketing at NAGRA-Kudelski and VP Product Marketing and CTO for broadband at Alcatel where he was also the VP & GM that created and scaled up the IPTV business.

Ivan Verbesselt holds a Master of Science in Applied Physics and Electronic Engineering from Brussels University and an Executive Degree in Business Administration from Solvay Business School (CEPAC).

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This webinar is part of the MEDIAGENIX webinar series about unlocking the full potential of a truly connected, data-driven Content Supply Chain to leverage current and new industry trends to your advantage.