Watch Inspiring Highlights of the OTT Executive Summit

At the OTT Executive Summit of December 11-13, 2023, Tim Waddingham and Dan Meyer engaged in very insightful panel talks. Together with other top executives, they explored key industry trends with a spotlight on refining personalization and optimizing content-value management. Enjoy.

Perfecting Personalization to Match Viewers to the Ideal Content and Viewing Experience

How Industry Experts Embrace the Kaleidoscope

This debate among leading industry experts highlights the critical role of data, metadata, and advanced tools in meeting the diverse preferences of a broad audience. The overarching theme is one of adaptability, experimentation, and providing audiences with the flexibility to choose the content experience that suits them best. Challenges include data transparency and the need for cohesive industry metrics.

Speakers: Tim Waddingham (MEDIAGENIX), Alex Campos (TelevisaUnivision), Michael Nagle (Streaming Gannett/USA Today), Jim Williams (Plex)
Moderator: Tim Darcy (humble ventures)

Practices for Content Management to Optimize Your Library ROI

How Industry Veterans Craft Compelling Subscriber Experiences

This panel of leading industry veterans emphasizes the blend of art and science in content management, urging industry players to embrace adaptability, experimentation, and strategic thinking to deliver tailored and engaging digital experiences. Insights include brand-building challenges, niche opportunities, and the impact of geographical barriers being broken.

Speakers: Dan Meyer (MEDIAGENIX), Kristen Roberts (Great American Media), Michael Toedman (allrites)
Moderator: Nicole Sangari (Kantar)

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