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5 reasons why:

  1. Open more revenue streams with WHATS'ON VOD + Linear
  2. Scale faster with FAST channels
  3. Handle any VOD scenario with ease with BeBanjo
  4. Do more and more with less and less
  5. Break down the silos: empower your organization with the platform it deserves
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Reason 1 - WHATS'ON

Leverage the combined power of VOD and Linear with the best of both worlds

Optimize channel management and content life cycles across VOD and Linear.

  • Enjoy the world’s richest, most comprehensive and leading functionality for linear programming.
  • Consolidate and rationalize implementing unified, best-practice workflows.
  • Sync strategy, planning and execution with data at the centre and real-time insights..
  • Eliminate waste and friction  (repetitive tasks, waiting times, lookup work, unnecessary communication...).

Reason 2 - Additional FAST channels in a day

Your instant answer to the need for speed and scalability

Create and manage new monetization streams without significantly impacting the existing operational capabilities.

  • Put multiple FAST channels quickly up or down in sync with viewer and advertiser demand.
  • Achieve highly automated and high-quality content scheduling.
  • Trust strong rights verificationediting, segmentation and content promotion capabilities. 
  • Converge the FAST and VOD world in one system.
  • Seamless integration with other systems, such as Rights, MAM, and Playout.

Reason 3 - BeBanjo

Go multiplatform with the best-of-breed SaaS solution for VOD

Optimize the content life cycles across VOD platforms, territories and business models with the best-of-breed SaaS solution for non-linear planning and scheduling (for both streaming and broadcasting).

  • Pure SaaS product with an outstanding reference list.
  • Easy and deep integrations (great APIs) and automation.
  • Track all VOD operations at a glance from one beautifully intuitive interface.
  • Drive content discoverability & prominence across platforms.
  • Teams collaborate in real-time from anywhere in the world through a web browser.
  • Unlock and leverage the value of your business data across your organization.

Reason 4 - Do more with less

Leverage more platforms and business models with less efforts and costs

Prevent exponential increase in costs and operational complexity when going multiplatform.

  • Manage by exception with touchless operations, actionable intelligence and one source of truth.
  • Keep control and real-time visibility on content performance on all channels and platforms.
  • Avoid bottlenecks due to sequential workflows.
  • Scale up or down as needed.

Reason 5 - Collaborative workflows

Empower your organization with the platform it deserves

Our WHATS'ON Media Business Management Platform:

  • is built for multiplatform audience engagement, operational efficiency, cross-functional collaboration, and content monetization;
  • enables a lean and collaborative content supply chain, seamlessly connected and data-driven at the heart;
  • offers a unique combination of industry best practices, adaptability, configurability, extensibility, openness, and interoperability.

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