IBC 2024

At IBC 2024 as not seen on TV: Smart content solutions to strategize, manage, and engage.

BroadcastAsia 2024

A eye-opening journey through the content lifecycle. It will rock the way you connect the right content with the right audience. You will discover how to strategize, manage, and schedule your content in new, collaborative, and data-driven ways. The tools are stunning; the content returns are beyond expectations.

  • Location Singapore Expo - Booth 6F2-3
  • Date 29 May. 2024 – 31 May. 2024
Singapore Skyline - Photo by Mike Enerio on Unsplash


Content Scheduling: From fast playlists to a FAST-channel powerhouse
Dare to be unique! Stay true to your brand and stand out amid the crowd of ready-made FAST playlists. Choose the path of excellence and authenticity with smart automation for legit FAST channels.
FAST, linear, on-demand – the battleground is set. Achieve multiplatform audience engagement with touchless operations, management by exception, and integrated reporting.

  • FAST Scheduling Artist: Award winning, state-of-the-art FAST automation that instantly schedules a qualitative, legally correct and ready-to-air FAST channel that engages viewers, promotes content, and drives commercial revenue—all at the push of a button.
  • Linear Scheduling: Agile deployment and management of linear broadcasting and streaming channels.
  • On-demand Scheduling: Tool for elegantly addressing an increasing range of content monetization models.
  • Linear & on-demand: integrated suite for multiplatform audience engagement.


Content Value Management: One source of truth on titles for one collaborative workflow
Hand all teams along the content supply chain the tools to maximize the lifetime value of your content. With one source of truth, they transcend the boundaries of the entire media enterprise and orchestrate seamless collaborative workflows for a loosely coupled workforce.

  • Enterprise Title Management: one source of truth across all titles.
  • Content Metadata Portal: collaborative metadata enrichment.
  • Content Gallery: easy access anywhere to content overviews.
  • Production Portal: smooth metadata & material flow from content supplier to distributor.


Content Strategy: The full power of your content unleashed
Join us beyond the surface as we delve into the untapped potential of your content. Total visibility on trends, rights usage, financial metrics, and performance predictions — raw data transforms into actionable insights before your eyes. Just what you need to make strategic decisions that outshine the competition.

  • Ratings Artist: Award-winning AI tool that instantly and accurately provides predictive analytics and scoring for all content types, with dedicated predictions per target demographic.
  • Strategic Planning: Channel manager’s tool for crafting high-level content-centric scenarios that align audience engagement with business objectives and provide a seamless handoff to long-term scheduling.
  • BI Studio: Self-service business intelligence (BI) app for real-time content and audience intelligence, closing the loop between operational KPIs and the strategic plan.
  • Schedule Gallery: Easy customized views of real-time scheduling.
Watch Inspiring Highlights of the OTT Executive Summit (Main illustration)

Broadcasters, streamers, studios: meet Mediagenix

Leverage 32 years of media business alchemy and turn content into gold
Ready to dominate the competitive frontier where operational efficiency meets business agility? Time to meet Mediagenix.
We are a global leader in media business management with robust, cutting-edge SaaS suites. We empower networks, broadcasters, streamers and studios to maximize their content ROI while they confidently navigate this ever-changing landscape.

  • 350+ experts at your service
  • Offices in Singapore, Bangkok, and Sydney, as well as in the Americas, and Europe. Headquarters in Brussels.
  • Trusted by 180+ media groups worldwide
  • 10,000+ users
  • Managing 2500+ channels and services for over 2 billion viewers

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IBC 2024

At IBC 2024 as not seen on TV: Smart content solutions to strategize, manage, and engage. They run so smoothly that they go unnoticed by the viewer.

IBC 2024

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