Service Windows

A Service Window is a period of time designated in advance by MEDIAGENIX, during which preventive maintenance that could cause disruption of service may be performed.

Patch Management

Basic Patch Management is included with all MEDIAGENIX-Managed Systems and is performed during recurring Patch Windows using default patching procedures. It includes the proactive follow-up and automated installation (MEDIAGENIX’s patching client on the Server may be required) of released critical and security updates by MEDIAGENIX. By default, MEDIAGENIX’s Patch Windows occur weekly during night hours:

Patch windows

Region Day Time Zone Offset Local time of Patch Window
Europe Thursday CET during standard time CEST (DST) during summer time UTC +1
UTC +2
From 23:00 to 01:00
Americas Thursday EST during standard time EDT (DST) during summer time UTC -5
From 02:00 to 04:00
Asia-Pacific Wednesday SGT during standard time UTC +8 From 06:00 to 08:00