NAB Show

Let’s talk about business agility and new content monetization opportunities

Discover how WHATS’ON, the market-leading business management platform for the media industry, drives business agility and profitability for Free Ad-supported Television (FAST) and other streaming services.

APRIL 24 – 27, 2022


N1737 (North Hall)

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NAB Show: monetize your content the FAST way

Let’s meet at NAB Show and discuss how business agility helps you create and manage profitable content streams.

MEDIAGENIX has designed Media Business Management Platform WHATS’ON so you can:
• monetize your content rights towards new, rapidly growing viewer segments, while minimizing operational costs;
• launch FAST or other streaming channels with speed in sync with viewer and advertiser demand, and utilize channels on additional platforms without significant impact on the existing operational capabilities;
• achieve high-quality content scheduling across distribution channels;
• converge the linear and digital world in one system;
• bring a lean content supply chain workflow to perfection thanks to seamless integration with other systems, such as Rights, MAM, and Playout.

World-renowned media companies use WHATS’ON to achieve a lean and unified content supply chain, streamline their content, rights & planning workflows, and ultimately maximize their content ROI.

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WHATS’ON supports your content supply chain


Maximize operational efficiency through:

  • Touchless operations
  • Actionable content intelligence
  • Unified linear and on-demand workflows
  • Seamless integration across existing systems


Provide a dynamic and targeted viewing experience across all platforms with:

  • Smart content promotion
  • On-demand curation
  • AI-driven scheduling


Monetize your content to the max:

  • Unlock the dormant capital in your catalog
  • Expand your channels, platforms and markets without operational constraints

Showcasing: WHATS’ON Strategic Planning

One of our recent developments we will showcase is WHATS’ON Strategic Planning. With this web app, you can streamline and integrate planning across divisions and regions and optimally align demand, capacity, and inventory. It is one of our new WHATS’ON HIVE applications that significantly enhance
cross-functional collaboration
• cross-platform operational efficiency
• cross-platform audience engagement
• content monetization

WHATS’ON Marketplace: extend the reach of your content reach globally

Here is the most frictionless solution to monetize all available rights across your entire catalogue and offer content online to buyers worldwide. WHATS’ON Marketplace results from the partnership with Vuulr, the largest online transactional content marketplace for film and TV rights. Thanks to tight integration between WHATS’ON and Vuulr, content metadata and avails are automatically synced, which precludes buyer frustration over outdated offers.

MEDIAGENIX AND WHATS’ON: 100 % project success rate


Make your life easier with WHATS’ON

5 key benefits for streaming/FAST channel owners

  1. Launch & schedule high-quality channels with speed and efficiency
  2. Manage multiple schedules – all at once
  3. Obtain great flexibility in delivering your content on different platforms
  4. Rely on tight integration with your existing tech stack
  5. Maximize your ad revenues through flexible promotion

NAB Show: where your challenges and our solutions meet

Wondering how we can support you with your specific goals and challenges? Drop by our booth. We will be happy to discuss or give you a live demo of our solutions and latest innovations.

For us, NAB Show is all about engaging in compelling conversations with media professionals, catching up with customers and partners, and discussing current projects and challenges. It’s about determining how our solutions can drive your business agility and profitability.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

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