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White Paper: Content Lifetime Value is the key currency of success in the multiplatform era

Brussels. 10 June 2022. The newly released white paper by MEDIAGENIX, Changing the B in BMS, defines Content Lifetime Value as the critical currency of success in the multiplatform era. The white paper states that a lean machine should manage Content Lifetime Value with capabilities that extend far beyond the functionality of the traditional Broadcast Management System. 

The white paper starts with a reflection on a fact from everyday life: the exact personalized pair of shoes you order online today can be delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours. Without shipping costs. Have you ever asked yourself why this ‘brick and mortar’ supply chain in e-commerce seems to be smarter and smoother than current content supply chains in the media industry?

Drawing a parallel with e-commerce, we dive into the origins of Lean thinking and the reasons why media companies are gradually starting to embrace the value of Lean, Agile and Just-in-Time principles and the very concept of a supply chain that involves the whole organization as one organism.

Media companies need to adopt lean supply chain best practices and enable data-driven collaboration across the entire organization. Data flows should, in fact, close the loop between the organization’s strategic, operational and execution level. 

The resulting empowerment of the entire organization will create the agility to secure and extend the competitive market position. Without this empowerment, the operational costs of managing multiple platforms and business models will quickly spiral out of control.

In the evolving multiplatform, multiformat and multilanguage reality of the fragmented viewer market, the traditional Broadcast Management System has reached its limits when it comes to maximizing the return on content investments. In this new reality, media companies need an industry-specific Business Management Platform to measure, control and master Content Lifetime Value as a critical business metric.

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