Metadata Portal

Unleash the power of collaborative workflows

The WHATS’ON Metadata Portal is your web-based, central metadata hub that facilitates collaborative enrichment and leverages automated ingestion from various internet platforms.


5 reasons why WHATS’ON Metadata Portal drives business value

Enables interdepartmental and remote collaboration in your wider organization, in future also including external partners and auto-enrichment by external sources via secure access control.

Simplifies and shortens workflows and enables touchless operations.

Raises the quality of your metadata hub, which is key for increasing content relevance, discoverability, and viewer engagement.

Reduces the cost of managing the content.

Enriches the single source of truth for a lean content supply chain.

WHATS’ON Metadata Portal: your integrated content metadata management solution

Available today: an easy-to-use web interface for non-WHATS’ON users to upload metadata and artwork into WHATS’ON.

The WHATS’ON Metadata Portal is designed to be:

  • intuitive and dynamic to support both internal and external data contributors;
  • adaptable to your existing workflows to ensure quality metadata;
  • integrated with the WHATS’ON Workflow Orchestrator to leverage the power of automation;
  • configurable for users and user groups.


4 ways to save time and effort

The effort is reduced to management-by-exception as e.g. the press and publication details and the images are readily available in the system and only need quality checks in a unified place.

The effort of contributors is streamlined as workflow automation triggers the required input. Contributors can directly enter their material via an easy-to-use web interface. This eliminates mails and other back-and-forth communication.

Time savings thanks to automation of metadata ingestion, with support for multiple unique IDs and the AI technologies. Notifications of wrong image formats and specs, and managed on-time availability of required materials.

Fast adjustments to near real-time programming benefit the subsequent processes: EPGs can be adjusted to late changes in live programming outside normal working hours as metadata can be remotely updated up to the last minute.

Significant increases in efficiency are achieved when diverse users along the content supply chain can enter and enrich content metadata and artwork in an easy, flexible and safe way. 

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