IBC 2022

It was so great meeting you. 
Let's keep in touch!

It has been a pleasure meeting you at IBC 2022 and we hope you enjoyed the visit.

This is what this trade fair is all about for us: meeting interesting media professionals, catching up with customers and partners, talking about current projects and challenges and how we can be part of their great story.

Now that the dust settles we can process all the interesting input we received, and we will certainly follow up on our conversation.

Let’s keep in touch!

And remember that with a stronger-than-ever solution portfolio geared towards significant efficiency gains, maximized Content ROI and fast time-to-value, the WHATS’ON Media Business Management Platform gets you the much needed value for money you need to achieve multiplatform growth.

Read our IBC show release!

9 – 12, 2022
Booth 1.C25
(hall 1)

At our booth we explained how you can:

  • contain costs
  • engage audiences
  • maximize Content ROI
  • and achieve fast time-to-value through
    • immediate and significant efficiency gains
    • flexibility to quickly launch new, channels, platforms and business models with limited impact on operations
    • rapid user adoption throughout the organization
    • innovation based on media-specific use cases and best practices
    • strong capabilities for integration and adaptation
    • proven track record of successful deployment on time and on budget

We demoed all new WHATS’ON modules and web-based apps on request, including:


WHATS’ON supports your content supply chain

Streamline your content scheduling

Maximize operational efficiency through:

  • Touchless operations
  • Actionable content intelligence
  • Collaborative workflows, unified for VOD and Linear
  • Seamless integration across existing systems

Engage your audience

Provide a dynamic and targeted viewing experience across all platforms with:

  • Smart content promotion
  • On-demand curation
  • AI-driven scheduling

Optimize your Content ROI

Monetize your content to the max:

  • Unlock the dormant capital in your catalogue
  • Expand your channels, platforms and markets without operational constraints

MEDIAGENIX as your solution provider:
100 % project success rate



Empower human talent to create more value

With WHATS’ON, the digital content supply chain is driven by a continuous data loop from strategy and planning to execution and back.

In the middle, there is human talent maximizing Content ROI across platforms and business models:

  • freed from repetitive and error-prone tasks;
  • liberated from physical barriers to collaborate tightly across functions, departments and territories;
  • empowered by touchless workflows and actionable intelligence to manage by exception;
  • assisted by augmented intelligence to make sense of augmented complexity.

Read all about empowering talent across the content supply chain with actionable data, collaborative workflows, touchless operations, and augmented intelligence.

Leverage 5 key WHATS'ON strengths

  1. Rely on software-driven and collaborative workflows across the content supply chain (from acquisition, rights management, strategic planning, multichannel linear scheduling and multiplatform VOD publication, to smart analytics, content sales and beyond).
  2. Generate significant cost savings through centralized data and operational synergies.
  3. Develop the agility to expand to new platforms, channels, markets and business models.
  4. Choose on-prem, hybrid or fully managed deployment.
  5. Integrate seamlessly across existing systems.

You couldn't make it to IBC, but you want to know more? Let's talk.