AI predictions

Ratings Artist

Instant, AI-powered performance predictions for all content types and target demographics

  • Steer clear of ineffective programming decisions and suboptimal content scheduling.
  • Directly influence ad revenue, and avoid compensation for overestimations.
Ratings Artist instantly and accurately provides predictive analytics and scoring for all content types, with dedicated predictions per target demographic. This award-winning AI tool utilizes state-of-the-art machine learning models trained on rich historical data infused with content and context metadata.

The Ratings Artist advantage

Traditionally, consumer intelligence teams rely on running average analyses to predict future ratings. MEDIAGENIX understands this is cumbersome, time-consuming and prone to errors.

  • Save time and resources: Free up your team for higher-level analysis
  • Optimize scheduling: Make data-driven decisions for peak viewership
  • Maximize ad revenue: Confidently negotiate based on accurate forecasts

Our collaboration with Talpa Network's Consumer Intelligence team yielded an ML model engineered to perfection, boasting exceptional accuracy across various content types and target demographics. 

Ratings Artist:

  • eliminates the need for manual estimation
  • offers dedicated predictions per target demographic
  • leverages ML for superior accuracy, resulting in a 70% FTE enablement
  • adapts swiftly to last-minute schedule and contextual changes
  • customizable for all content types and target demographics

The MEDIAGENIX advantage

Seamless Integration

Ratings Artist seamlessly integrates into existing workflows with the MEDIAGENIX Media Business Management Platform. Each morning, the system updates predictions for up to 90 days in advance, ensuring proactive decision-making.

Human-in-the-loop approach

At MEDIAGENIX, we prioritize a human-in-the-loop approach. While our ML model generates highly accurate predictions, our users retain the autonomy to override them based on their domain expertise.

Empowering users with BI Cockpit

BI Cockpit empowers users with robust analytics tools to analyze past and future ratings comprehensively. Qualitative data assets and iterative KPI visualizations aid in evaluating channel performance and content lifecycle.

Transparent performance monitoring

Our dashboards offer insights into individual predictions and confidence scores, preventing an ML black-box situation. Users can monitor the ML model's performance with ease.

Ratings Artist empowers media companies to achieve a new symbiosis of human and artificial intelligence, unlocking the full potential of ratings analysis.

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