How regional streamers stand their ground with MEDIAGENIX

MEDIAGENIX is currently enabling broadcasters to jointly set up local streaming services as they are teaming up to jump on the OTT bandwagon with distinctive local offerings.


Now that viewers are spending more and more time watching video in OTT environments, often lured away by the global streamers, national broadcasters are increasingly looking for synergies in composing a joint OTT offer and producing new content that keeps their audiences engaged.

With their feel for the local market, they join forces on OTT platforms that offer a distinctive mix of international content and content from local production houses and channels.

Setting up such a joint-venture streaming platform involves judiciously aggregating content from the diverse providers on one platform, including republishing catch-up content from the participating channels. The content stock which is to be built up from diverse sources needs to be presented as an attractive and coherent SVOD or AVOD offer and an efficient workflow needs to be set up to publish the content on the end-user platform of choice.

Implementing WHATS’ON offered as SaaS, MEDIAGENIX enables them to launch their platform from scratch in a matter of months. The aggregated content is strategically released on the basis of complete and granular rights management, always in compliance with the rules on competition and quota.


For anyone entering the OTT space, whether to start a streaming platform as a joint venture or to launch a separate service to go multiscreen or Direct to Consumer, challenges can range widely:

  • Identifying what content can be published where and when, which comes down to delving into complex exploitation rights.
  • Streamlining workflows and defining the specifications of the publication metadata files, video, audio and subtitle files that are required for each device, platform and service.
  • In many cases Linear and VOD (OTT) have been run as separate services within an organization, with VOD being an afterthought service creation — especially for legacy broadcasters. As the market and operational requirements become more demanding, there is a requirement to consolidate and streamline these processes as these services merge into one consistent offering to the consumer; and it becomes imperative that everyone has an overall view of services ranging from what content is scheduled and where, to how this content performs on various services.
  • Business models are changing. And with content being distributed to a variety of platforms, revenue share calculations will become more and more complex to manage, not only with distributors, but also with down-stream platforms.


The WHATS’ON solutions allow large and small players to manage this complexity.

As the engine of many OTT content workflows, WHATS’ON is the tool of choice to maximize content value, optimize the use of rights, and streamline the content supply chain from diverse sources.

The modular flexibility and openness of WHATS’ON offered as SaaS, and the OTT experience of the MEDIAGENIX team are major factors in the success of bespoke solutions that fit the specific requirements, challenges and aspirations of anyone entering the OTT space.

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