Strategic Rights Management

Drives your scheduling, optimizes your release plans, informs your acquisitions and sales

  • One rights platform for digital rights and broadcasting rights
  • Focus on ROI and efficiency gains
  • Content life cycle optimization across platforms
  • Granular rights validation
  • Task-based web interfaces for data capture and enrichment
  • Collaborative and based on best practices
  • Stand-alone or pluggable into wider ecosystems

Rethink content rights management.
Reinvent the future.

  • Maximum ROI through optimum use of rights and a tighter grip on business models and strategic windowing.
  • Strategic multiplatform distribution (across Digital and Linear) to reach target audiences.
  • Boosts efficiency throughout the company. Departments work in sync with a single source of truth from content acquisition, over release planning and scheduling through to multiplatform distribution, content sales and smart analytics.
  • Automated, multi-level verification of complex rights, restrictions and obligations, with a granularity that enables content repurposing and repackaging (incl. royalty management and music rights clearances).
  • Supports a flexible and extensible notion of Content.
  • Easy capture of rights data along the content supply chain, with pluggable web apps that facilitate task-based contributions.
  • Stand-alone or pluggable into our platform for closed-loop orchestration of the end-to-end content supply chain.

One content rights management system to optimize the complete life cycle of your content

You want to reach and engage your target audiences through diverse channels and platforms, and maximize your return on investment with a granular handle on content and a tight grip on business models and strategic windowing. But the realm of rights has never been so complex, while content itself has become a flexible and extensible notion.

With the media rights management software by MEDIAGENIX you turn this complexity into a competitive edge. Efficiency is boosted and decisions are greatly enhanced when Acquisition, Planning, Scheduling, Sales and Finance teams work in perfect sync on real-time data from a single source of truth. This data is captured from the earliest stages and gets enriched along the content supply chain.

As your content moves across platforms and exploitation windows, rights, restrictions, holdbacks and obligations are automatically verified on a granular level. The respective teams keep real-time insight into what is available for planning or selling, while they effortlessly deal with underlying rights, royalties and revenue shares. All along the line there is a clear view on the value of your inventory and schedules as well as on amortizations, invoices and payment schedules.

At the end of the day you will know when it’s time to negotiate new contracts, and start another life cycle that gets the most out of your content.

MEDIAGENIX as your solution provider:
100 % project success rate


Here is how the WHATS'ON rights capabilities support you as a …

Content Coordinator

Keep track of negotiated agreements between broadcaster and distributor

Create a rights summary from the original contract

Register and track a wide range of information about deal, agreement and contract

Capture all license right information, incl. underlying right agreements


Monitor consistency between license contract, business rules and transmission schedule / release planning

Have off-peak linear schedules automatically generated by AI

Schedule content starting from available rights

Verify that schedule is valid according to the content’s contract and license rights

See impact of rights sales on schedule

Finance Advisor

Simulate value of schedules and inventory

Manage multicurrency costs, amortizations and payment schedules

Calculate and redistribute revenue across rights holders and suppliers

Provide accurate reports for management reviews and stock trend analysis

Sales Officer

Sell available content based on sales catalogue

Propose content to prospects and keep track of proposals

Capture license agreements and holdbacks with potential buyers

Follow-up on offers, deadlines and tasks

Simulate revenue distribution

Gather insights on content that is being sold

Leverage the power of integrated Rights Management Solutions


Supports the acquisition process for license rights, from buying order to invoice approval.


One rich set of functionality for optimum schedules and release plannings based on both linear and nonlinear rights.


Gives you a real time view on what is available for planning or selling.


Cuts through the complexity and pitfalls of selling content rights and optimises a key revenue stream.


Speedily reuse product extracts on multiple platforms, without infringing on anybody’s rights and restrictions.


Automates complex calculations of revenue shares owed to distributors, platforms and other beneficiaries.

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Rethink content rights management.
Reinvent the future.

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