My Jars

Your on-demand supply of prepaid professional MEDIAGENIX services

Guaranteed rates for actual project days

Ask your MEDIAGENIX Account Manager for all the particulars and the guaranteed and ADVANTAGEOUS rates!

Allocate your budget to one or more My Jars of 15, 50 or 75 actual MEDIAGENIX project days, at guaranteed rates and discover a win-win deal that helps


from running into unforeseen costs and delays as you look for extra WHATS’ON or workflow expertise to manage changes and anticipate continuous optimization in this fast-paced market.


to be available within the shortest delay whenever you need our professional services. 


With My Jars you win time, control and efficiency


you not only take a clever shortcut through all the required steps, approvals, and back-and-forth mails for a service request, you also cut the waiting line. My Jar requests are priority requests.

Budget & Cashflow control

you forecast and budget the amount of services you will need, and purchase them in advance at guaranteed and advantageous rates. No hick-ups.

Enhanced Operational Flexibility

as you strengthen your team thanks to your quick-and-easy access to a pool of highly-skilled MEDIAGENIX experts.

12 months to pick and choose from a rich assortment of professional services

MEDIAGENIX experts with profound industry knowledge support your experts with technical insights required for tackling specific challenges and identifying state-of-the-art solutions.
Receive quick and qualitative reports, assisted by WHATS’ON experts. 

Tailor-made training for on-boarders or general refresh training on dedicated topics. 

A review of your processes and WHATS’ON usage to identify quick-wins for improvements and suggestions for workflow optimization. 

WHATS’ON implementers support your users in optimizing their day-to-day activities thanks to maximum use of WHATS’ON functionality .

Quick change requests with relevance for the Base WHATS’ON product.

Brought to you by the MEDIAGENIX experts in technology, integration and wokflows.

  • Project managers
  • Business consultants
  • Analysts
  • Senior analysts
  • Developers
  • Report developers
  • Trainers
  • Support engineers
  • Documentation experts

Ask your MEDIAGENIX Account Manager for all the particulars and the guaranteed and ADVANTAGEOUS rates!