Elevate your content game with one-button FAST automation!

  1. Engaging
  2. Legally impeccable and compliant
  3. Automated, fast, and ready to air

Conjure up an engaging FAST channel like magic!

MEDIAGENIX presents the FAST(est) and effortless way to engage viewers, promote content and drive commercial revenue with free ad-supported streaming TV.

With a single push of a button, you aren’t just creating a FAST playlist. You completely schedule a ready-to-air, high-quality FAST channel that will captivate and engage your target audience without a hint of worry about infringing rights and regulations!

Leveraging heuristic-based AI, this brand new MEDIAGENIX FAST capability ensures:

  • fully-prepped FAST schedules with the high quality of traditional linear schedules, complete with secondary events, promotions and possibly commercials
  • touchless scheduling regarding rights and compliance
  • captivated and engaged viewers thanks to structure and variation in the schedule defined by parameters to meet the target viewers’ interests and viewing behaviour.
  • game-changing speed

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MEDIAGENIX as your solution provider:
100 % project success rate


Our FAST automation is meant to engage your target audience to the maximum with the content at hand. So much more than a playlist distributed on a channel, it is designed to leverage all the market-leading experience we have gathered on the art of scheduling linear channels. All of this at the push of a button.

Michel Beke, Product Ambassador for MEDIAGENIX

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Including innovative SaaS tools, such as:

  • Ratings Artist: the CSI 2023 nominated AI tool that instantly and accurately predicts TV ratings for all content types, with dedicated predictions per target demographic.
  • Strategic Planning: the channel manager’s single tool for crafting high-level content-centric scenarios aligning audience engagement with business objectives and seamlessly handing over to long-term scheduling.
  • BI Cockpit Studio: the self-service BI app for real-time content & audience intelligence closing the loop from operational KPIs to the strategic plan.
  • BeBanjo’s leading VOD scheduling product: elegantly addresses an increasing range of content monetization models.
  • Production Portal, in partnership with Limecraft: enables content suppliers to directly feed the content supply chain of content distributors through a digitally streamlined process capturing metadata, images and material. 
  • Matchpoint MGX: a Cineverse-MEDIAGENIX partnership resulting into an automated scheduling solution that helps FAST channel operators quickly programme and schedule their FAST channels with a scalable, best-in-class unified solution.

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