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NAB Show 2017: the M.E.T. effect

27 Apr. 2017
NAB Show 2017 was about the 'M.E.T. Effect'. Fuelled by internet connectivity and integrated systems, Media, Entertainment and Technology are converging, while content, workflows and revenue streams are being redefined. The many visitors to the booths of MEDIAGENIX and WideOrbit, our partner in the U.S., had heard we were quite… [+]

UAB 2017: customers gather in Lisbon

23 Mar. 2017
On 23 March, more than 40 media companies from 17 countries gathered in Lisbon for what turned out to be the biggest MEDIAGENIX User Advisory Board (UAB) ever. The city of the explorers saw how 210 international delegates raised this two-day celebration of co-creation to a new high, seizing the… [+]

ABU DBS: Conquering VOD complexity

09 Mar. 2017
ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2017 in Kuala Lumpur got off to a flying start for MEDIAGENIX as Johan Vanmarcke, Managing Director MEDIAGENIX Asia, took pride of place at the opening session and the ministerial session. Not much later SVP Product strategy Michel Beke took the main stage to explain how… [+]

RTS get rights accurate to the frame

22 Aug. 2016
How to swiftly deliver sliced and diced content to multiple online platforms without dropping the ball when verifying exploitation rights. As media companies have taken to publishing their content on many and diverse platforms in spite of the intricacy of exploitation rights, they have seen the complexity of their content… [+]

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