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12 de noviembre de 2019

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A tool that supports strategic media planning was one of the priorities that came out of the last Road Map Vote. We are, therefore, proud to present WHATS’ON PROMOPLAN. This is a standalone application that enables your marketing department to draw up an optimal promotion plan for all the promotion efforts of the organization and manage the complete promotion life cycle, from the definition of the goals to building and executing media plans.

Promotions include things like trailers, social posts, posters on buses, ads in magazines and even merchandising: basically everything with which any company, not necessarily broadcasters, can promote products, events or services.


  • provides an overview of all past and future promotional activity of the organisation
  • manages – per promotion plan – a media plan1 over multiple media vehicles2
  • manages – per media vehicle – the available inventory over all active media plans

Execution of the media plan is facilitated by integrating with various media vehicle management tools. For TV and radio channels this ideally is WHATS’ ON Trailer Campaigns, as the application can communicate with WHATS’ON.

1 A promotion plan has a single media plan which specifies how the promotion plan has targets for various media vehicles on certain dates.2 A media vehicle describes the use of a specific media vehicle type (e.g. newspaper The Daily Mail) within the media plan, e.g. the use of The Daily Mail for promoting the new season of The Voice.

The promotion plan

It all starts with a list of promotion plans, i.e. a list of things a company wants its promotion department to promote during a certain period. There is information about who is responsible, the period of time, the importance, the awareness in the audience, strategic and tactical goals, milestones, type of campaign, effort required, validation, what other departments will be involved, etc.

For TV or radio, promotions will typically be about the start of a new season, new programmes or episodes. But they can also be about one-offs, such as a charity event, or events that are not based on the schedule, such as a meet-and-greet with the cast.

The media vehicle

The next step is building up your promotions on a specific media vehicle. Say you have a new show on your Channel 1 in week 40. You may want to start airing promos from week 37 onwards to introduce the concept to the viewer. Typically, however, there are several things that need to be promoted at the same time and there is a limit to how many promos you can expose the viewer to before they start switching channels. This means that promotion plans are fighting for the same slots on your channel. This application makes sure that the available promo time on your Channel 1 is optimally distributed over all promotion plans.

This media vehicle view shows what media plans have activity and how much on a certain media vehicle type in a period of time. In green: the media vehicle type, in orange the media plans on that media vehicle type in a period of time.

The media plan

In the media plan you define all the elements in your promotion, across all media: the TV or radio channels your promos will be running on, your social campaigns, posters, ads, T shirts … The media plan also specifies how the promotion plan has targets for various media vehicles on certain dates.

This media plan view shows what media activities you have on what media vehicles for some media plans in a period of time. In the above screenshot, the section at the top is an editor where the user can modify information of whatever is selected in the lower part. In the lower part there is a left hand section that lists:

  • media pans (in orange)
  • media vehicles (types) used on that media plan (in green)
  • media activities3 on the media vehicle for that media vehicle type for that media plan (in white)

On the right hand site there is the calendar that shows for :

  • the media plan row: the milestone4 dates in the open period
  • the media vehicle (type) row: the period for which there are activities
  • the media activities row: the flights and their weekly targets

Media activities can be either shown or not. The view supports multiple target groups to show how the requested targets for a media vehicle correspond to values for a specific target group in a certain week on a certain media vehicle.

3 Media activity: A specific use of the media vehicle for a certain promotion plan in a certain way (10 second promos, banners on busses, full page adverts, caps, … ) which should reach a specific target.
4 Milestone: A specific date that is important for the promotion plan. If the milestone date changes, part of the promotion plan can move along.

The Promotion Plan Navigator

The Promotion Plan Navigator shows general information as well as budget, goal and date information and milestones.

Connection to WHATS’ON

WHATS’ON PROMOPLAN is a standalone application, but when it is connected to WHATS’ON, the app gets from WHATS’ON all the information regarding transmissions that need to be promoted. Users are notified whenever there are changes in the schedule. They can have the app update the media plans automatically.

A media plan can be linked to WHATS’ ON marketing campaigns. A group of media activity flights5 can become a WHATS’ ON trailer campaign that is associated to that marketing campaign. The targets per channel/day for such a trailer campaign are then provided by the promotion plan instead of entered manually in WHATS’ ON.

Events6 in the promotion plan can be automatically created from WHATS’ ON transmissions. This allows the promotion plan to associate its milestones with WHATS’ ON transmissions. A change in the WHATS ‘ON schedule will then show up as an event date change in the relevant promotion plans.

The requirements (e.g. 10 promos in November) translate back into WHATS’ON Trailer Campaigns, completing the connection between strategy and execution. Then the cycle continues: measuring targets, updating what you want to achieve, sending an update to WHATS’ON …

5Media activity flight: a period of time in which a part of the target of the media activity will be reached. Media activity flights can be attached to the milestones in the promotion plan.
6Event: named date that can be connected to a milestone. Events can be created through an API.


The way forward

Planned go-live date is 15 January 2020. MEDIAGENIX is looking for more customers that would like to start using and enhancing the application without customisations. All modifications need to be acceptable to all customers or configuration options will be provided.

Connectivity to WHATS’ ON is possible from version 29Q3 onward without a major upgrade of WHATS’ ON.

For more information, feel free to contact your MEDIAGENIX account manager.

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